New Database Reviews the Gilded Age and Progressive Era

Postcard depicting canoers at Chicago’s Garfield Park

Sourced from the collections of eight major libraries, including Chicago’s Newberry Library, the New York Historical Society, and the Yale University Library, the Gilded Age and Progressive Era collection from Adam Matthew explores America's transformative age of industrialization, expanding wealth, inequality, and social change through personal collections, business records, and visual content. The collections include papers of key industrial corporations, charities, influential families, and cultural institutions from 1870–1920, with plenty of visual content in the form of political cartoons, photographs, and ephemera.

Entry points into this rich trove of materials include topics divided by theme, a powerful browse and search feature, and a visual resources section. The visual resources feature a collection of over 200 political cartoons and striking exhibits relating to American Renaissance Architecture and Changing Skylines, documenting urban development.

The Gilded Age and Progressive Era collection is one of over 30 Adam Matthew primary source collections available from Georgetown University Library.

All Adam Matthew collections can be cross-searched, using AM Explorer, making this a comprehensive and valuable resource tool for scholars across many disciplines. Like all Adam Matthew Collections, this new database is available to current students, faculty, staff, and alumni.