Staff Spotlight: Meet James Pape

James Pape
  1. Name, job title, and location: James Pape, Head of Access Services, 3rd Floor Lauinger Library & occasionally Blommer Library
  2. What do you do—in 10 words or less? I help manage the Circulation desk where we help patrons.
  3. Where are you from? All around, but originally from Marietta, Ohio.
  4. Do you have any hobbies? It may not sound like a hobby, but I love coaching sports. I have been coaching football for the past 5 years and basketball for 3 years. This takes up most of my free time at this point.
  5. What are you reading/watching/playing/listening to/learning right now? I am playing/learning a lot about NBA 2k23 and Madden 23 with my children.
  6. What couldn't you live without? I could not live without hot sauce. I like to put a little bit of spice on everything I eat. I also make my own habanero pepper hot sauce that is a little bit sweet and spicy.
  7. How do you prepare for winter/what are your favorite winter activities? I don’t do much to prepare for winter. The extent of my preparation is to make sure I pull out the winter coat and put on more clothes. My favorite thing to do during the winter is sleigh riding with my family.
  8. What attracted you to a career in libraries? Helping people is what finally attracted me to having a career in libraries; however, anyone who knows me, knows that I never thought about working in a library for a career. In a weird set of circumstances during my undergrad studies I took a position as a student assistant at Cleveland State University Law School. While I was there I was offered a full-time position and the library director there kind of took me under his wing. He showed me what being a librarian was and how we excel in helping patrons.
  9. Is there anything from the past that you wish would come back into fashion? It may have never been in fashion, but I wear socks and sandals all the time. I wish it would become acceptable.
  10. If you didn’t work in your current field, what would you be doing? Working construction or in a factory somewhere, which is what I was doing before I went back to school to complete my undergrad degree when I was 25 years old.