EnVision Church

EnVision Church was The Georgetown Center for Liturgy’s interactive online resource concerned with liturgy, spirituality, and sacred art and architecture. It was a forum for learning, sharing, networking, and conversation among:

  • various professionals who assist faith communities with building and/or renovating places of worship and with commissioning artwork;
  • parish leaders, building/renovation committees, parishioners engaged in liturgical ministries (including art and environment committees), and facility/maintenance staff;
  • diocesan building/renovation and facilities commissions and offices; and
  • everyone who is interested in the intersections between liturgy, theology, spirituality, sacred art and architecture.

Georgetown University Library collaborated with the Center for Liturgy at Georgetown University to provide technical assistance and staff training for the images and accompanying descriptions in the Rev. Paul Cioffi, S.J Images Collection. While the Center for Liturgy no longer operates, the Library continues to provide the platform for hosting this collection as well as data entry templates, a metadata schema and controlled vocabulary pull-down lists for staff entering descriptions of the images. The collection includes 242 photographs of early Christian sites and numerous places of worship in Europe, North Africa, and North America.