Corporate Borrowing Policies

Corporate Borrowing Privileges are available to profit and non-profit corporations including law firms, think tanks, etc. and allow limited borrowing from Lauinger Library, Blommer Science Library, Woodstock Theological Library, and the Bioethics Research Library. Individuals seeking information about borrowing privileges should visit the Library Associates website. Groups and individuals affiliated with Woodstock Theological Center or similar should contact the Access Services Department for information on library borrowing privileges.

The Corporation will designate a contact person who will receive all emails regarding overdue books, recalls, and fine and replacement notices. All responsibility for managing the cards and for all fines and/or replacement fees is solely the organization’s. Lauinger Library reserves the right to suspend privileges if the corporation fails to honor its responsibilities.

Corporate Borrowing Privileges are available at two levels:

$750 per year:

  • 25 books out at any one time.
  • Six week loan, three renewals.
  • Borrowing privileges suspended if fines exceed $25.

$1500 per year:

  • 50 books out at any one time.
  • Six week loan, three renewals.
  • Borrowing privileges suspended if fines exceed $25.

Checking Out Books: You must present a valid, government-issued picture ID and a library card.
You will need the picture ID to access the buildings and the library card to borrow books.

Renewing Books: Books may be renewed up to three times, unless they have been requested by
another patron. Books can be renewed:

  • Online via HoyaSearch from the My Library Account option
  • By telephone at (202) 687-7607.
  • In person at a library circulation desk.
  • Via email by replying to the electronic overdue notice.

Overdue Fines: Overdue notices are sent to the corporation’s email as a courtesy. Corporations are solely responsible for knowing due dates of materials. Failure to receive courtesy or email overdue notices is not grounds for dismissal of fines.

  • Circulating items: $0.25 per day, per book.
  • Recalled items: $5 per day, per book, and a block is placed on your record until recalled books are returned.
  • Accounts are suspended once a patron reaches $25 in fines.

Lost Or Damaged Materials: A corporation with lost or damaged materials may (1) pay a $80 replacement fee, a $30 processing fee, and any fines up to $10; or (2) bring a copy of the item to the circulation desk for replacement consideration by the Library. If accepted, there will be a $15 processing fee and the patron must pay any fines accrued up to $10.

Corporate borrowing privileges do not include: