Library Visitor Borrowing Policies

Visitors are welcome to use Lauinger Library and Blommer Science Library as places to study, browse the collections and photocopy materials as needed. You must show a current, government-issued photo ID with an expiration date and sign in at the Security Desk each time you enter Lauinger Library.

Access to the Reiss Science Building, home of the Blommer Science Library, is available only to GOCard (GU ID) holders after 8 pm Monday-Thursday; after 6 pm on Fridays; and on weekends and University holidays.

See the Hours page for Lauinger and Blommer Library hours.

Acquiring Library Borrowing Privileges

Library Associates

To borrow materials at the main campus libraries, you must become a member of the Library Associates at the $300 level. Patrons with a Library Associates card may have a maximum of twelve items at any given time on their account.

Government Documents

Local area residents, with a valid form of identification including an address, may request a Government Documents Only borrower's card at no cost. Patrons with a Government Documents Only card may have a maximum of six government documents at any given time on their account.