Wacinque Amistad Kaizen BeMende

I'm retired military yet grew up poor, and in fact, I had learned while young that I was in the 4th generation mired in poverty. So, I developed an internal desire and a lifelong passion for Personal Finance and Debt Management knowledge and skills; plus, I taught and practiced Tax preparation as a co-skill over the same period where I volunteered with nonprofits and trained as a community college adjunct instructor. I'm studying to be an entrepreneur; I once was on a path for a Ph.D. where I would lecture-write books, excellent papers, and earn awards. I became Woke, looked around, and realized hundreds if not thousands of experts, and I became dissatisfied with the progress being made. I wondered how much difference one more expert could make. Out of the Blue, my thoughts switched to being an entrepreneur. Then, I became determined to be that innovative entrepreneur who could single handily meet the challenge, solve the puzzle and save the day. I thought of the stages of a caterpillar becoming a Butterfly and said that’s me and my journey with everyone waiting for the Butterfly Entrepreneur to appear. Driven by another example of the Impact of War, I want to help the people and their president, so I’ve created the Financial Manhattan Project to end the War in Ukraine and Win the Rebuild at lower costs.

SCS and Dog Tag Business Administration '22