Library Instruction

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Types of Instruction

Course-related instruction on subject-specific tools and collections

  • Undergraduate and graduate students are introduced to relevant research materials for a specific course assignment.

  • Subject specialist librarians outline the research process, demonstrate the Library's discovery platform HoyaSearch, databases, and relevant Internet resources. They can also create a course guide tailored to your assignment.

    • To schedule a session, please submit the request form or contact your liaison librarian. 

    • For SCS related instruction, please email

Digital scholarship

  • The Digital Scholarship Services team can help you incorporate digital tools and methods, including podcasting, video production, mapping, text mining, photography, digital exhibits, and data visualization, into your classroom.

  • The Maker Hub can help you incorporate physical projects and hands-on learning into your curriculum, including digital manufacturing with laser cutters and 3D printers, art and graphic design with textiles and our print shop, as well as design thinking and community development through arts and crafts.

Special collections and primary sources

Library instruction classes help students:

  • Navigate the Library’s plethora of resources (900+ research tools) and become familiar with the multi-modal library spaces, and the types of assistance available to reduce their library anxiety.

  • Learn advanced search strategies for focusing on a research topic, developing key terms, and selecting the best research tools for any topic.

  • Identify specialized materials such as primary sources, government documents, statistics, multimedia and archival sources.

  • Evaluate the information they find on the Web for currency, reliability, relevancy, authority, appropriateness, and scholarly value.

  • Distinguish between scholarly, popular, and other types of sources.

  • Cite and manage sources using Zotero or RefWorks.

Modes of Instruction

  • In person:

    • in the Library’s Dubin Classroom (Main Campus courses)

    • in the instructor’s classroom

    • In the Booth Special Collections classroom when using primary source materials from BFCSC holdings

  • Online:

    • synchronously via Zoom

    • asynchronously with online tutorials, research and course guides, and other learning materials

To prepare for a successful library instruction class,

  • Please submit your request well before your desired date, ideally two or more weeks prior to the session. For SCS related instruction, please email

  • Plan to have the library session when your students are beginning to work on their assignment.

  • Share your learning objectives with the library instructor as well as your syllabus and any assignments associated with the library instructional session.

  • Attend the session with your class or assign a designee to participate along with your students.


Undergraduates, graduate students or faculty may make an appointment to discuss a research topic, develop a search strategy, or get in-depth help on a digital or Maker Hub project.

Online Guides and Tutorials

  • Library research guides serve as starting points by organizing library resources by topic.

  • Research Strategies and Tutorials explain what these resources include and how to search them. 

  • Collections Guides that delve into selected collections of primary source materials in the Library’s holdings

  • You may wish to link to these guides and tutorials from your course’s Canvas website.


Contact your library liaison or complete the instruction request form to get started.