Decentering Whiteness in the Classroom: A Minibooklet for Higher Ed Instructors and Leaders

booklet cover

Our collective body of human knowledge and wisdom, rooted in different ways of knowing, seems to point to a need for collective healing which will take holistic intentionality, intersectionality, and courage in design. I designed a mini booklet that offers introductory nudges for holistic calibration in thinking about embodied cognition theory, trauma-informed and culturally sustaining pedagogy, data justice, and how to decolonize technology. The design is influenced by systems theory with a critical and speculative lens; all aspects of spaces within interlocking systems of oppression must be adjusted in order to achieve change. Each section of the booklet offers a brief summary of framing, emerging key insights from the literature, promising practices, and a list of resources for further exploration. It is not meant to be exhaustive in scope. While it does not offer a comprehensive action plan, it aims to spark contemplations in this complex work and the robustly holistic efforts needed.

Cristina Benitez
Library Staff