The Financial Manhattan Project to end the War and Win the Rebuild

Now that I have your attention with my title — with our working powerful formula, everyone benefits from using A = P (1 + r/n)^nt  Compound Interest and it may end War. My project goal was to learn about and then share an innovative approach to demonstrate that using compound interest can become common and is as close as opening a free US Treasury Direct account and earning 10% interest with no loss of money. TreasuryDirect - Home, our project also seeks to help several federal agencies whose goal is to update the Community Reinvestment Act understand an Asset Ownership Standard based on the Bloomberg Scientific Wealth Number model is the best path forward.

Jennifer Boettcher's assistance was priceless first with NAICS business information and several business data searches and sources. 2nd with an introduction to Professor America as my project included research for the current OCC Office of Comptroller-FDIC Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Federal Reserve CRA Community Reinvestment Act Modernization initiative. Professor America was involved with establishing the original CRA design and guidance.



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