Menstrual Hygiene Management in Primary Schools in Kisarawe, Tanzania

In Professor Myriam Vuckovic's Global Health Promotion, GLOH-281 course, students Escadar Alemayehu, Rhya Evans, Mallory Hybl, Peyton Luiz, and Kiki Schmalfuss created a health promotion poster and educational materials using Canva and a short radio spot using GarageBand.

This project is a compilation of deliverables at varying intervention levels (individual, community, and advocacy) intended to improve menstrual hygiene management for primary schoolgirls in Kisarawe, Tanzania. The project relies on data as well as health promotion theories and techniques to create evidence-based interventions. Our goal was ultimately to reduce girls' menstrual burden and the amount of school missed by girls due to menstruation through our programming. The first poster is a guide to proper menstrual cloth care, targeting the individual level. Our community approach involved a year-long after school girl's club called Girl POWER for which we outline a curriculum, and at the advocacy level we created a leaflet to encourage the Kisarawe District Council Primary Education Department to fund and prioritize menstrual hygiene management programs for primary schoolgirls.

Tanzania Girl Power: Peer-Owned Workshop and Education Resource

Menstrual Cloth Care

Menstrual hygiene management instructional materials created for primary schoolgirls in Tanzania

Kiki Schmalfuss
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Peyton Luiz
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Global Health Promotion, GLOH-281
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