Digital Projects

In an effort to aid Jesuit scholarship, Woodstock Library is working on several digital projects involving the Jesuit Catalogues. The Catalogues are an indispensable tool for scholars, as they record the names of each Jesuit working in a province, their occupation, the dates of birth, ordination, and final vows, as well as population and location statistics. Over the past year, Woodstock has begun extracting the population data for the Maryland Province from 1807 to the present, decade by decade. The aim of this project is help scholars track the growth of the Maryland Province, its key institutions, and the number of Jesuits within each location over time. This is an ongoing project that will be periodically updated as work continues. To access the page, click on the image below.

Maryland Province Growth

The catalogues also help reveal larger geographic trends within the Jesuit population. The following project is an attempt to map these trends, highlighting the movement of Jesuits to the "global south."  To access the page click on the image below. 

Jesuit population trends