Jesuit Research

In addition to the resources housed in Woodstock Theological Library, a number of other online resources have become indispensable for Jesuit scholarship.

The Jesuit Archives and Research Center

The Jesuit Archives and Research Center hold the archives for most of the American Jesuit provinces (the regional organizations of the Society of Jesus). Currently there are only three such Provinces; at various times in the four centuries of Jesuit American presence, there were sixteen: Buffalo, California, Central and Southern, Chicago, Chicago-Detroit, Detroit, Midwest, Missouri, New England, New Orleans, New York, Northeast, Oregon, Wisconsin, and Maryland Provinces. The JARC holds all those province archives, save Maryland Province’s, which are kept at Georgetown University Booth Special collections, and Woodstock College Archives that are at Woodstock Theological Library. The JARC also has the digitized necrology of the society from 1814-1970, the Catalogus Defunctorum, a listing of all the Jesuits who died during those years.

The Portal to Jesuit Studies

The Portal to Jesuit Studies, holds a number of resources indispensable to scholars of Jesuit history. As part of its mission to track the renewed interest in Jesuit history, the Portal hosts the Jesuit Online Bibliography, an ongoing  project documenting all recent scholarship of jesuitica. The Portal also includes the Jesuit Online Library, where you can find access to important scholarship related to Jesuit history (e.g. the Woodstock Letters), and documents of the Society (e.g. works of Ignatius, Decrees of the General Congregation, the Spiritual Exercises, etc.).

The Archivum Romanum Societatis Iesu

The Archivum Romanum Societatis Iesu (ARSI) is the central archive for the Society of Jesus in Rome. ARSI has digitized copies of the Jesuit Catalogues (1774-1914), the Catalogus Defunctorum (1540-1814), and the Data Chronologica, a history of the evolution of Jesuit missions, provinces, and assistancies.