Prayerful Thoughts: Passages 51 - 75

~ 51 ~

We must always remind ourselves that we are pilgrims until we arrive at our heavenly homeland, and we must not let our affections delay us in the roadside inns and lands through which we pass, otherwise we will forget our destination and lose interest in our final goal [Ep. 6:523].

~ 52 ~

Prefer the glory of God above everything else . . . .Let your thoughts, words, and actions be in Him. . .and let God's commandments take first place over everything else that is good. This is what He desires, and this is what He commands [Ep. 1:72].

~ 53 ~

We should for the love of our Lord make every serious effort to follow Him, since we are so much in His debt [Ep. 1:72].

~ 54 ~

We will the more quickly tire of receiving God's gifts than He in giving them [Ep. 1:72].

~ 55 ~

Letters inform me that God our Lord has visited you with trials both of body and of soul, thus manifesting His special love for you by sending you these opportunities for merit. The less He rewards you in this fleeting life and world, the more fully will He reward your good deeds and desires in the eternal happiness of heaven [Ep. 6:161].

~ 56 ~

The greatest good in this life is the union of will between creature and Creator, but this union becomes even greater in the everlasting happiness of seeing God forever and ever [Ep. 1:406]

~ 57 ~

In addition to the many graces that the soul wins by receiving her Creator and Lord in Holy Communion, there is one that is especially important, for it is one which will not allow a man stubbornly to remain long in sin. But as soon as he falls into some slight sin—if any sin can be called slight when it is against the infinite and supreme Good—God raises him up and gives him added strength so that he may firmly determine to do better in serving his creator and Lord [Ep. 1:341].

~ 58 ~

There are few individuals in this life, and perhaps even none, who sufficiently understand how much we hinder and keep God from doing what He desires in our souls [Ep. 1:340].

~ 59 ~

Never allow the children of this world to manifest greater interest and zeal for the things of earth than you manifest for the things of eternity. You should be ashamed seeing how they more eagerly run to death than you hasten to life! [Ep 1:499].

~ 60 ~

An action done with fervor is worth more than a thousand actions done in laziness, and what a lazy man is unable to achieve in many years, the fervent man can achieve in a very short time [Ep. 1:499].

~ 61 ~

The one who possesses God lacks nothing. God is the sovereign and universal Good, and in having Him we have all other things as well [Bart. 2:256].

~ 62 ~

In time of sickness, everyone should try to draw fruit from his illness, not only for himself but for the edification of others as well. . .and he should accept it as a gift from the hand of our Creator and God, since it is no less a gift than health [Cons., part 3, chap. 1, no. 7].

~ 63 ~

I recommend that virtue to you which includes all others, and which our Lord so greatly praised by calling it His great commandment: "This is My commandment that you love one another" (John 15:12). You are not only to maintain a union of love among yourselves, but you must extend it to every one and set your hearts on fire with the desire for your neighbor's salvation, realizing that each soul is the price of our Lord's life and blood [Ep. 1:507].

~ 64 ~

Since your studies do not give you much time for anything else, not even prayer, you may make up for this by your holy desires, that is, the time you spend on your studies becomes a continuous prayer for you have begun these only with a view to God's service [Ep. 1:509].

~ 65 ~

Set your own will entirely aside...and strive to keep before your eyes your one and only goal, that is, the greater service and glory of God [Ep. 1:720].

~ 66 ~

That God has deprived you of so wonderful a companion should be seen as one of those divine visitations which Divine Providence uses with its chosen ones to detach them still more from the things of earth and to make them realize that there is nothing lasting or stable here below [Ep. 8:632].

~ 67 ~

Experience shows that in this life joy and satisfaction are found, not by the lazy, but by those who are ardent in their service of God [Ep. 1:500].

~ 68 ~

Whenever I reveal another's fault, I at the same time reveal my own [Spir. Exer., "General Examen of Conscience"].

~ 69 ~

Everyone should earnestly apply himself to the study of the spiritual life and to attaining solid and perfect virtue, and each should be convinced that these are of greater importance than learning and other natural and human endowments [Cons., part 10, no. 2].

~ 70 ~

Idleness, which is the source of all evils, should have no place in any of our houses [Cons., part 3, chap. 1, no. 6].

~ 71 ~

Engage in conversations and recreations that are good and such as will not blemish the soul, for it is better to have an unblemished soul than to be made lord of all creation [Ep. 1:295].

~ 72 ~

The more we desire. . .to clothe ourselves with the livery of Christ our Lord, which is made up of insults, lies and all other kinds of injury, the more shall we advance in spirit, and win those spiritual riches with which our souls wish to be adorned [Ep. 1:298].

~ 73 ~

The greater the good the more prompt we should be to choose it, and once we have chosen it, the greater should be our joy in it [Ep. 1:405].

~ 74 ~

Not only not among men, but not even among angels is there anything more noble than glorifying the Creator [Ep. 1:498].

~ 75 ~

Supreme Goodness is more eager to share His blessings with us, and Eternal love is more willing to grant us perfection than we are anxious to receive it [Ep. 1:497].

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