Casey-McIlvane Lecture Fund

The Casey-McIlvane Lecture Fund was established in 1997 by Roseanne McIlvane Casey G'79 and Nancy McIlvane Del Genio F'82, in memory of Francis L. Casey, Jr., C’50, L’53, and in honor of the Reverend Donald W. McIlvane, F’46. It supports an annual lecture reflecting the academic disciplines currently taught at Georgetown University and the mission of the Society of Jesus.

Roseanne McIlvane Casey was a member of the Georgetown University Board from 1994 until her passing in May 2005. "Those of us privileged to work with Roseanne understood her abiding commitment to her causes, her eagerness to express ideas, and her willingness to raise people's awareness of the need to support programs with their treasure and talent," said then-University Librarian Artemis Kirk in a memorial to her.

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