"All Business and No Heart. The Employees Felt That"

Adjusting to a post pandemic workplace world is new for everyone, so it is not surprising there are limited resources currently available on this emerging topic. With so much on the line, employees recognize the pressure on their shoulders to get it right and my recommendations in this paper support a successful reuniting of both employees and employers in the workplace. I wrote this paper with the intent of combining secondary research, my own positive return-to-work experience, real life examples of negative return-to work-experiences which produced avoidable heartache and a valuable journal I utilized and applied in my research from the Georgetown Library. I created this project because limited information currently exists on this very important and timely topic and many of the recommendations in this paper will help a company avoid avoidable and costly missteps that could have profound ramifications in their workplace and with their employees. I am very proud of the hours and research that went into this paper and it is my sincere hope that if made available to others, it would immensely benefit those seeking an exact resource like this as they prepare to create a successful return-to-work strategic plan.
The Library research tool used for this paper was HoyaSearch.

Mary Fox, MPRCC '24
Course Title
PR Ethics: Integrity and Care, MPPR-500-02
Library Staff