Georgetown University Library Showcase – Text Based Projects

Spring 2023

This StoryMaps project seeks to recognize, in a prominent way, the Catholic sisters who led on campus and earned diplomas and degrees.
This article is the first case study that proves the practical application of Cabrera Cuadrado's new public diplomacy model "The Golden Circle of Public Diplomacy".
My American Studies senior thesis which asks the question: why are mothers, in particular, at the helm of the very "American" book-banning conversation?
Showcase winner badge;
An exploration of London's street markets through StoryMaps, done as the final project for the CALL Scholars program.

Fall 2022

The Madeleine Albright Statue Proposal argues why GU should erect a statue of the late professor, to solidify her legacy and ease the disparity in the number of male versus female statues on campus.
Adjusting to a post pandemic workplace world is new for everyone, so it is not surprising there are limited resources currently available on this emerging topic. With so much on the line, it is imperative to create a strategic return-to-office plan before your employees return. Employers recognize the pressure on their shoulders to get it right and my recommendations aim to support the employer in providing the best possible outcome for their company and employees. My key findings for a successful return-to-work strategic plan recommends clear and consistent communication, offering a detailed combination of clear office protocols and work expectations as your organization comes together in a post pandemic world. A genuine demonstration of confidence and care will be noticed by your employees and will boost morale and productivity as everyone successfully reunites. The employees will feel that.

Spring 2021

This project is a website of a digital exhibit highlighting several efforts of community control in Harlem.
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Fall 2020

This story map provides an overview of community health in the Marina District of San Francisco, exploring various social determinants of health.

Spring 2020

A learning engagement and guide for parents of Montessori students provides a brief history of the Montessori philosophy, supplemental online media, narratives and reflections.