Aquí, pero allá (Here, But There)

This StoryMap was created as part of a graduate capstone for the Center of Latin American Studies at Georgetown University's Walsh School of Foreign Service. It looks at how the coup of 1973 in Chile impacted and changed the lives of a family living in Tomé, Chile as they were forced to make the decision to either remain in the country or seek refuge abroad as exiles – due to the fathers status as a political prisoner and Decree 504. The two heads of the household ultimately made the decision to leave with their two daughters and were sponsored by the Quaker community of Boulder, Colorado. This StoryMap examines the way this family grappled with creating their new lives in the United States while also remaining tied to Chile by protesting the Pinochet dictatorship and participating in customs and traditions outside the physical border of Chile.

Tatiana Cherry Santos, MALAS '23
Melissa Azevedo Flores, MALAS '23
Course Title
Public History HIST-605, Capstone for MALAS LASP-701
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