Georgetown University Library Showcase – Mapping Projects

Spring 2024

This research project seeks to learn more about the Black man identified as Francis in a 1906 photograph of Georgetown medical students.
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Fall 2023

Timeline highlighting the history of the School of Nursing at Georgetown University
This project is a StoryMap website that highlights the activities of Carlos Romulo, a Filipino diplomat, during World War II.
A StoryMap of the history of Asian students in Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service from 1948-1967

Spring 2023

An exploration of the different motivations of runners, the diversity of the sport, and the advocacy for more inclusivity in competition.
This StoryMaps project seeks to recognize, in a prominent way, the Catholic sisters who led on campus and earned diplomas and degrees.
This StoryMap explores the emotional, physical, and mnemonically liminal space of what it means to be an “exile” living in the United States by showcasing an exiled Chilean Family.
An exploration of London's street markets through StoryMaps, done as the final project for the CALL Scholars program.

Fall 2022

This StoryMap tells the story of those whose lives were deemed irreparable before they reached adulthood: that of juvenile lifers.
Explore the history and evolution of musical traditions at Midwest Chinese Family Camp, a camp founded by Chinese Civil War refugees.
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Fall 2021

"The newly founded female empowerment organization is building sisterhoods of support for women and girls in the DC community," and by compiling all of my journalistic pieces that I wrote throughout the semester about the organization, my storymap presents a cohesive story of what P.R.O.M.I.S.E. (HER) is all about!
I mapped food poverty in Philadelphia using ArcGIS software while reading Marcia Chatelain's book Franchise.
What's in a name? A local high school tries to answer that question as they ask themselves: who deserves the honor of representing their community.

Spring 2021

This project is a website of a digital exhibit highlighting several efforts of community control in Harlem.
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Fall 2020

This site gives a tour of where the food system has gone wrong in Birmingham, Alabama by mapping food access and food sovereignty.
A StoryMap that analyzes the hog industry in Duplin County, NC through an environmental and food justice lens.
"Confronting Climate Change" is an analysis of the relationship between climate gentrification and racial segregation in Dade County, Florida.
This story map provides an overview of community health in the Marina District of San Francisco, exploring various social determinants of health.