Asia in DC: SFS Seniors

Last fall, I took a history class called HIST 6123: Asia in DC, and during one of our classes, we explored a selection of historical yearbooks from the University Archives looking for evidence of Asian student enrollment. We found a handful of students, and after a lot of data collection, I had something that could be turned into a map. This Story Map represents every Asian student that graduated from the SFS from 1948-1967 as they were represented in the Protocol, the SFS yearbook. This story will take you through some of the notable milestones of this period, track trends in enrollment, and explore what it was like to be an Asian student at Georgetown in the mid-20th century. I hope this map acts as a useful resource for those interested in US-Asia relations, as well as those looking to explore Georgetown’s history through a different lens.

SFS Protocol Yearbooks from 1948-1967 from University Archives were used for this project.

Elli Ahn, SFS '25
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Asia in DC, HIST-6123, Fall 2023
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