Gnovis Podcast: A Chat with the Gnovis Team and Dialogue & Diaspora

The Gnovis Podcast is part of Gnovis, an academic multimedia publication under Georgetown's Communication, Culture, and Technology program. The last two episodes featured brilliant graduate students from the CCT program, their research and graduate school experiences. The Podcast team's aim was to feature the human side of research/academic life. We focused on the personal narratives of our interviewees. The conversations we had reminded us of the human/people elements of research. It was also meaningful and fulfilling to talk to our peers and learn more about their own life journeys.

Merielle Angelie Agorilla, CCT '25; Riley Tinlin, CCT '25, Aminah Koshul, CCT '25, Guilan Massoud-Moghaddam, CCT'25
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