Georgetown University Library Showcase – Audio Projects

Spring 2024

This is the Gnovis Podcast. On this show, we explore conversations with students, faculty, alumni, and experts on the intersections of communication, culture, and technology. This podcast is under Gnovis, an academic multimedia publication under Georgetown University's Communication, Culture, and Technology program.

Spring 2023

At 15:10, Multimedia Specialist Barrinton Baynes recorded Carole Sargent for the BBC about a nun famous for entering a nuclear facility.
A four-part limited podcast series exploring the life and death of David Shick, a Georgetown junior killed in an on-campus incident in 2000.

Fall 2022

'Minority Report w/ Salomón Flamenco' is a podcast that looks at what it means to be Asian, Black, Latin, and MENA in the contemporary United States.
America's pledge of liberty and justice is unfinished. Stephen Blinder and his guests outline the next chapter in the American story.

Fall 2021

This project is based on research into the peri-Urban district Kisarawe in Tanzania where roughly 30% of girls have skipped school due their periods.
In this inaugural episode of the Core Pathways podcast "Pathways for People and Planet," my colleague Clio and I organized and produced this discussion on Indigenous knowledge and relations to land movements and the climate crisis.

Spring 2021

A podcast about archives and archival research.
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The assignment was an opportunity to synthesize all of our learnings on three levels: what I learned about Dr. Goodall and her story after reading her autobiography "Reasons for Hope"...
To culminate my time in Professor Trybus's class "The Jane Goodall Rules" I created this podcast that mimics Jane Goodall's own podcast - "The Hopecast" - where she reflects on her life journey and accomplishments that have been largely fueled by hope.
In our world today, it can seem silly and tremendously difficult to remain hopeful. But what does hope even mean?
In learning about Jane Goodall's life story and her reasons for hope, I structured my own reason for hope.

Fall 2020

A lot of students at prestigious U.S. universities are used to being impressive, constantly achieving lofty academic goals that garner recognition from friends and family. So how does that kind of goal-driven attitude translate into the senior job search?
I journeyed to the White House every day during election week: Monday, prior to Election Day, through Saturday, when President elect Biden's victory was called.

Fall 2019

On the inaugural episode of "About Me", Kim and Kevin square up with the Instagram Bogeyman that is the "shadowban."
Sickness sells. This is an immersion into the anxious headspace of a hypochondriac in the age of wellness.
The Europe Desk is a podcast from the BMW Center for German and European Studies at Georgetown University. It brings together leading experts working on the most pertinent issues facing Europe and transatlantic relations today.
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This podcast series explores the powerful link between food and identity (set out in episode 1), and reveals the ways food can help us to support refugees and migrants in DC

Spring 2019

Two poets in the DC area interview guests who make time for writing.
This soulful and passionate hip hop song talks about pain and suffering that African Americans/Blacks go through in daily life.
This episode of 94.2 WJCM “The Igloo," features two Pittsburgh Penguins fans calling in to host Jammin’ Jimmy Musial with their thoughts on the upcoming NHL playoffs.
This podcast tells the story of how one student's parents make their interracial marriage work.

Spring 2018

This podcast discusses the comedy industry through the perspective of its members.
Three Puerto Rican Georgetown University students talk about how it felt to be away from the island during Hurricane Maria.
The AIDS epidemic is largely seen as a problem of the past or of other countries; however this podcast looks at how AIDS is currently affecting gay and bisexual black men in the U.S.
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