HIV/AIDS Among Gay And Bi Black Men

Often when people think of the AIDS epidemic, they see it largely as a problem of the past or of other countries, so we wanted to create this podcast to call attention to the fact that AIDS is currently ravaging populations of gay and bisexual black men in the U.S. In this podcast, we begin by offering some history to explain why AIDS became such a large issue for gay and bisexual black men. We continue on by discussing the structural factors that give rise to high HIV spread in this population and touch on the state of current government apathy towards the problem. We include an interview from an HIV-positive, gay black man to shed light on how this virus affects those at an individual level. Lastly, we close off by proposing that moving forward, we must create a movement tailored specifically to gay and bisexual black men in which we cause change at both the grassroots and institutional level. We hope that this podcast can serve to bring awareness to this silent epidemic and call listeners to take action in any way they are capable, such as reaching out to policymakers or by partnering with local organizations.

Reena Goswami
Catherine Schluth
Kiarie Mumbi
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Biology of Global Health BIOL 194-01
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