The Jane Goodall Hopecast (Georgetown Edition): A Graduating Senior Finding Peace in Uncertainty

To culminate my time in Professor Trybus's class "The Jane Goodall Rules" I created this podcast that mimics Jane Goodall's own podcast - "The Hopecast" - where she reflects on her life journey and accomplishments that have been largely fueled by hope. In this podcast, I reflect on Jane's path and 5 reasons for hope and how they give me comfort in my current state of uncertainty with graduation approaching and having no concrete job prospects. I am also incredibly grateful to have been able to interview my professor Marty Tankleff for this podcast, an exoneree who was wrongfully incarcerated for 17 years. Professor Tankleff speaks to his incredible resilience while in prison and as he continues to fight for justice for his clients as an attorney.

Morgan Peterson
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The Jane Goodall Rules: Acting Upon our Reasons for Hope (UNXD-364)
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