Let's Make Chana Chaat: A Pretend-Play Recipe Book

I created this project as a final deliverable for my Creativity and Design Class with the Learning, Design and Technology Program. I'm most proud of the interactive aspect of the book which encourages children aged 6-8 to explore a recipe with pretend-play ingredients. It also functions as a sequencing activity, guiding children through the steps to create the final bowl of food. Many children struggle with eating and exploring new foods. Research suggests that actively engaging in the process of making the food, children may open up to exploring new foods--this book has been designed with that aim in mind. The most powerful thing that I learned through the process of creating the work was that bringing out my inner child to play while designing this helped me to design something that children would enjoy and engage with.

Nikisha Kotwal, LDT '24
Course Title
Creativity & Design, LDT-709-01
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