With Liberty and Justice for All: An Unfinished Story

Stephen Blinder and his guests, Congressman Jim Himes (CT-04) and Dr. Rachelle Brunn-Bevel (Associate Professor of Sociology and Anthropology at Fairfield University), discuss the racial wealth gap, its historical antecedents, and tangible steps toward addressing generational issues of inequality. America's pledge of liberty and justice is unfinished. This episode begins to outline the next chapter in America's unfinished story.

The Library resources used include the Audio and Podcasting Projects guide, Pew Research Center, ProQuest, JSTOR, and National Bureau of Economic Research.

This project was inspired by HIST-099, Facing Georgetown's History, in which students examined the Georgetown Slavery Archive extensively as well as various collections.

Stephen Blinder, COL '25
Course Title
Facing Georgetown's History, HIST-099