Love Letter to DC and John’s Evening at the Concert

I was born in Washington, DC, and I've lived 6 minutes away from it my whole life, but never really explored it until coming to college. So, I spent the last few weekends waking up early and wandering all over DC, sometimes with friends, sometimes not, camera in hand. This is the best of my collection, whittled down from over 1000 raw photos. I encourage anyone reading this to get up and explore what's around you because you never know what you can find if you just get yourself out there.

I took these at a concert last Winter. It was my second time using a DSLR in the last 9 or so years, so lots of fun. Glad to have access to the equipment at the library, taught me a lot about photography. Since I had so much fun using the cameras, I’m buying my own camera to use this summer, and with the experience, I got thanks to the library equipment, I knew what to look for.

Mr. Yakushiji's a nice and helpful person, as is literally everyone working at the circulation desk. They all helped me immensely. Thanks again!

See more of John's work @johnnyphotography64

John Matuszewski
Library Staff