Madeleine Albright Statue Proposal

During my first week as a student, the only thing I could think of when I walked around campus was: oh my God, there are more statues of dogs than there are of women. Such a revelation led me not only to track down and document, for the first time in Georgetown's Archives, all of the statues across the Main Campus, but to create a proposal, petitioning the University to build a statue of forty-year professor and beloved Hoya mentor, Madeleine Albright. Alongside the University's archival team and my Women's History at Georgetown professor, I created an appendix of the major statues of people (and Jack) around campus, as well as wrote both an article in The Voice and a proposal to the University, summarizing my argument for an Albright statue and the history of the few female statues Georgetown has.

Collections from the Booth Family Center for Special Collections used for this project include the Varia Collection, University Archives Photographic Collection, University Archives Reference File, Old Archives: Building Files, University Photographer's Files, Old Archives: John Carroll Statue and Georgetown College Financial Records.

Appendix: Sculptures of People & Animals on Georgetown University’s Main

Kami Steffenauer, COL '26
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Women's History at Georgetown, IDST-010-22
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