Mother Knows Best: Maternal Activism in the 21st-Century Book Banning Conversation

This is my American Studies senior thesis, submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the BA degree in American Studies. The thesis represents nearly a year's worth of research and writing and is a project that encompasses my four years of learning at Georgetown. The topic, the role of mothers in the book-banning movement, speaks to my longstanding interest in everything related to American studies including censorship practices, politics and women/mothers in American culture. The topic also represents my minor in Education, Inquiry and Justice given how integral book banning and parents are to the field of education.

The library was incredibly helpful in my completion of this thesis. Resources used for my thesis included nearly all the databases listed on the American Studies guide, and here is a link that captures how many books I borrowed. This photo, of course, does not do justice to the thousands of online articles and content I also accessed from the library as well as the hours of thesis-writing which I completed in a Lau 4 cubicle. 

Haley Resnick, COL'23
Course Title
Senior Seminar II: American Studies, AMST-305