The purpose of Spain’s PD: a golden circle of public diplomacy analysis

In this article, my new model “The Golden Circle of Public Diplomacy” is used to analyze the WHY of Spain’s public diplomacy, analyzing the grand strategy purpose of the European country since the Franco dictatorship until the present day. This analysis comprises the evolution of Spain’s purpose throughout the following phases: the Franco dictatorship, the arrival of democracy (or Transition), and the beginning of the twenty-first century. Interviews to key PD practitioners were conducted to complement the research. An outlook into the future of Spain’s public diplomacy grand strategy is also included. This article is the first case study that proves the practical application of my new public diplomacy model "The Golden Circle of Public Diplomacy" and it is the first article that I write alone that gets published in an indexed journal. It is also an important milestone in my PhD, as I am completing my thesis by articles.

Resources used for this article included: JSTOR, Taylor & Francis Journals, SpringerLink Journals, and the New York Times

Carla Cabrera Cuadrado, Visiting Researcher, BMW Center for German and European Studies, School of Foreign Service