The Road to Follow

I created this project during my digital photo class. It was during an outdoor activity to just practice taking photos out with our cameras and see what comes of it especially during the editing process. I actually never got to show my professor or peers this photo, but it stuck with me. I created the words from a graffiti photo onto the original photo during the after-shot work. I appreciate how the scenery shines through with the bridge but also the aspect of mystery to the photo and how angles can make all the difference. To put it short of what it means to me it shows the road we must follow in life as the single-car with no destination in sight but we know that it is on a journey and it has to go forward. We want to live our life to fullness and not die wondering. Not just wondering later on "what ifs", but wondering even right now what all we could achieve and make of our lives at this moment. Sometimes even when we can't see the destination yet, we have to choose to go forward today.

Hannah Ajibola
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Photo 1: Digital, ARTS 131
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