Shaping Social Impact: Large Social Media Platforms and Their Ethical Effects on Misinformation, User Privacy, And Internet Addiction

This study delves into social media challenges, including misinformation, privacy issues, and ethical problems tied to internet addiction. It emphasizes the need for social media platforms to adopt ethical approaches. This project signifies a commitment to fostering a harmonious relationship between innovation and societal well-being, offering valuable insights into the intricate ethical considerations in technology and reinforcing the importance of considerate innovation and associated responsibilities. While each chapter was authored by different team members, the indispensable assistance we received from the campus community played a crucial role. Our subject teacher, Professor Steitz, proved to be exceptionally supportive. He assisted us during additional classes, explaining concepts whenever doubts arose, and he continued to help us during after-class meetings. His detailed guidance played a crucial role in facilitating the smooth completion of the task. Barrinton Baynes aided in the creation of the storyboard, and writing lab consultants Kelly Wiechart, Michelle Marrero, and K. Ladislova contributed significantly to the paper writing process. We brought the paper's content to life by enacting and producing a video. Using Boords AI image generator, we transformed the script into a storyboard, depicting three distinct stories. These videos illustrated how the discussed issues manifested in real-life situations, with brief descriptions provided in the online write-up form. Our collective effort aims to propose solutions for fostering responsible, ethical, and balanced digital coexistence

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