Sister Megan Rice (obituary for the BBC)

The BBC wanted to interview Carole Sargent discussing her book about Megan Rice SHCJ, the Catholic sister who participated in the largest breach in US nuclear security history when Rice--along with two men from the Catholic Worker--prayed at a nuclear production facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Rice became globally famous. Because of COVID, BBC Washington studios were closed. They were going to have Dr. Sargent call in, which would have sounded bad on radio. However, this came at a time when Georgetown faculty and staff were again allowed in the library. Therefore Multimedia Specialist Barrinton Baynes agreed to professionally record her segment for them, which they did in one of the editing spaces in the Gelardin Center. The segment starts at 15:10

Carole Sargent, PhD, Director, Office of Scholarly Publications
Barrinton Baynes, Multimedia Project Manager/Multimedia Specialist, Digital Scholarship and Technology Services Department
Library Staff
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