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John Courtney Murray, S.J.

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Below is a listing of all the published and some unpublished works of the American theologian, John Courtney Murray. S.J. As you can see, most listed items are linked to copies of the identified work. This site is a task in process. Eventually all of Murray's writings will be linked to this page with suitable search engines for academic research.

Murray's works are arranged chronologically, then, within each year, alphabetically. Items within the same year are differentiated by lettered extensions to the year date of publication. We have attempted to keep the date-letter references consistent with the bibliographies of Murray, 1993, Religious Liberty: Catholic Struggles and 1994, Bridging the Sacred and the Secular, although the addition of five discovered published works and inclusion of several unpublished manuscripts has required some adjustments of those bibliographies. Our thanks to those who in the past have offered corrections and additions to this bibliography, and a request that any discovered errors or additions to this list be submitted to Adrian Vaagenes at The Murray Archives are a portion of the Woodstock College Archives that are housed in Special Collections, Lauinger Library, Georgetown University. The first number of the x-xxx archive labels are to a box, the second to a file.

The various processed states of each article is indicated by bracketed notes to ourselves, as [get, xeroxed, scanned, proofed, edited, formatted].

Murray, John Courtney, S.J. 1929. "Governmental Supervision of Schools in the Philippines." Woodstock Letters 58: 48–53. [proofed]

———. 1931. "The Concept of the Church in St. Paul: The Union of Christ with His Church." 1/9/31, Murray Archives 7–569, 8. [get]

———. 1932. "Crisis in the History of Trent." Thought 7 (December): 463–73. Republished in Bridging the Sacred and the Secular: Selected Writings of John Courtney Murray, edited by J. Leon Hooper, S.J. (Washington, DC: Georgetown University Press, 1994), 285–94. [proofed]

———. 1937. Matthias Scheeben on Faith: The Doctoral Dissertation of John Courtney Murray. Toronto Series in Theology, edited by D. Thomas Hughson S.J. Vol. 29. Lewiston, NY: The Edwin Mellen Press. [proofed]

———. 1938. "Taken from Among Men." Jesuit Seminary News 12 (June): 3–5. [proofed]

———. 1940a. "The Construction of a Christian Culture: I. Portrait of a Christian; II. Personality and the Community; III. The Humanism of God." Abridged, and republished in Bridging the Sacred and the Secular, 101–23. Three talks given in February 1940 at St. Joseph's College. Murray Archives, file 6–422. [scanned]

———. 1940b. "Necessary Adjustments to Overcoming Practical Difficulties." In Man and Modern Secularism: Essays on the Conflict of the Two Cultures, edited by National Catholic Alumni Federation. New York, NY: National Catholic Alumni Federation, 152–57. [scanned]

———. 1941a. "The Christian Fulfillment." Murray Archives, file 5–577. [get]

———. 1941b. "Toward a Christian Humanism: Aspects of the Theology of Education." In A Philosophical Symposium on American Catholic Education, edited by H. Guthrie and G. Walsh. New York, NY: Fordham University Press, 106–15. Presented at the 17th Annual Convention of the Jesuit Philosophical Association of the Eastern States, September 4–6, 1940. Republished in Bridging the Sacred and the Secular, 124–32. [scanned]

———. 1941c. "Unity of the Church." Murray Archives 8–611. [get]

(———. 1941d. The Prophetic Mission of Christ. Theology: A Course for College Students. Vol. I. Georgetown University and Loyola College: Privately Printed. Introduction claims that the text is developed beyond Murray's notes.)

———. 1942a. "Book Reviews: New Periodicals." Theological Studies 3 (May): 290–93. [proofed]

———. 1942b. "Current Theology: Christian Co-operation." Theological Studies 3 (September): 413–31. [proofed]

———. 1942c. Review of The Layman's Call, by William R. O'Connor. Theological Studies 3 (December): 608–10. [proofed]

———. 1943a. "Current Theology: Co-operation: Some Further Views." Theological Studies 4 (March): 100–111. [proofed]

———. 1943b. "Current Theology: Intercredal Co-operation: Its Theory and Its Organization." Theological Studies 4 (June): 257–86. Also published as Intercredal Co-operation: Principles (Washington: Catholic Association for International Peace, 1943). [proofed]

———. 1943c. "Descriptive Notes." Theological Studies 4 (September): 466. [scanned]

———. 1943d. Review of Principles for Peace: Selections from Papal Documents, edited by Harry C. Koenig. Theological Studies 4 (December): 634–38. [scanned]

———. 1943e. "To the Editor." Theological Studies 4 (September): 472–74. [scanned]

———. 1943f. "A Social Form of Grace." Murray Archives 5–380. [get]

———. 1944a. "The Juridical Organization of the International Community." The New York Law Journal (October 9): 813–14. A sermon given at a Red Mass at St. Andrew. Also published as "World Order and Moral Law." Thought 19 (December 1944): 581–86. Republished in Bridging the Sacred and the Secular, 28–42. [scanned]

———. 1944b. The Pattern for Peace and the Papal Peace Program. Washington, DC: Paulist Press. Pamphlet from the Catholic Association for International Peace. Another version of this article, with some alterations can be found as "Co-operation Among All Men of Good Will," Murray Archives, file 12–764. This latter was in turn published as "La Cooperacion Interconfessional Para la Pax," Verbum [Guatemala] (January 9, 1945), and in Vida: Revista de Orientacion 7 (1944): 757–71. Republished in Bridging the Sacred and the Secular, 6–27. [scanned]

———. 1944c. "Toward a Theology for the Layman: The Pedagogical Problem." Theological Studies 5 (September): 340–76.[scanned]

———. 1944d. "Toward a Theology for the Layman: The Problem of its Finality." Theological Studies 5 (March): 43–75. This and the last article appeared in a condensed form in "Toward a Theology for the Layman," Jesuit Educational Quarterly 11/4 (March): 221.[scanned]

———. 1944e. "Woodstock Wisdom." Woodstock Letters 73 (December): 280–84. [scanned]

———. 1945a. "Current Theology: Freedom of Religion." Theological Studies 6 (March): 85–113.[scanned]

———. 1945b. "Freedom of Religion, I: The Ethical Problem." Theological Studies 6 (June): 229–86. This was much later translated and published in Relations [Montréal] 22 (Mai 1962): 118–20; (Juin 1962): 151–53; (Juillet 1962): 179–82; (Août 1962): 207–10; (Septembre 1962): 234–38; (Novembre 1962): 301–4; (Décembre 1962): 33–35; 23 (Janvier 1962): 2–4. A further article, "Le droit à l'incroyance" (Avril 1962): 91–92, was part of this French series but not part of 1945b.[scanned]

———. 1945c. "God's Word and It's Realization." America 74 (December, supplement 8): xix–xxi. [proofed]

———. 1945d. "Memorandum." Murray Archives, file 8–585. An April 30, 1945 letter to Zacheus Maher (Jesuit American Superior) on the racial issue at St. Louis University and two versions of Murray's Memorandum on admission of African Americans to Jesuit universities and to the Society of Jesus. [edited]

———. 1945e. "Notes on the Theory of Religious Liberty." April 1945 Memo to Archbishop Mooney, Murray Archives, file 7–555. [get]

———. 1945f. "On the Problem of Co-operation: Some Clarifications: Reply to Father P. H. Furfey." The American Ecclesiastical Review 112 (March): 194–214. [scanned]

———. 1945g. "The Real Woman Today." America 74 (November 3): 112–24. [proofed]

———. 1946a. "How Liberal is Liberalism?" America 75 (April 6): 6–7. [proofed]

———. 1946b. "Operation University." America 75 (April 13): 28–29. [proofed]

———. 1946c. "The Papal Allocution: Christmas." America 74 (January 5): 370–71. [proofed]

———. 1946d. Review of Religious Liberty: An Inquiry, by M. Searle Bates. Theological Studies 7 (March): 151–63.[scanned]

———. 1946e. "Separation of Church and State." America 76 (December 7): 261–63. [scanned]

———. 1947a. "Admonition and Grace." In The Fathers of the Church: Writings of St. Augustine, 239–305. Vol. II. New York: Cima. Introduction and Translation.

———. 1947b. "The Court Upholds Religious Freedom." America 76 (March 8): 628–30. [scanned]

———. 1947c. "Separation of Church and State: True and False Concepts." America 76 (February 15): 541–45. [scanned]

———. 1948a. "Belief in Life." Three talks given on "The Catholic Hour" and published in pamphlet form with the specific titles: The Assault of Fear, March 7, 1948; The Desert and the Garden, March 14, 1948; and The Supreme Sorrow, March 21, 1948. Washington, D.C.: National Council of Catholic Men. Also published in Catholic Mind 80 (April 1982): 2–7. [scanned]

———. 1948b. "Dr. Morrison and the First Amendment." America 78 (March 6): 627–29; (March 20): 683–86. [scanned]

———. 1948c. "Governmental Repression of Heresy." In Proceedings of the Third Annual Convention of the Catholic Theological Society of America Chicago. Bronx: Catholic Theological Society of America, 26–98. This article and 1948g, 1949e, and 1951c were then collected as "A Church-State Anthology: The Work of Fr. Murray" in Thought 27 (Spring 1952): 6–43, then translated and reprinted as "Kirche and Demokratie" in Dokumente: Zeitschrift für übernationale Zusammenarbeit 12 (February 1956): 9–16. [proofed]

———. 1948d. "On the Most Blessed Trinity." In The Summa Theologica of St. Thomas. Vol. III. New York: Benziger Brothers, 3153–63. [get]

———. 1948e. "Religious Liberty: The Concern of All." America 78 (February 7): 513–16. [scanned]

———. 1948f. "The Role of Faith in the Renovation of the World." The Messenger of the Sacred Heart 83 (March): 15–17. [scanned]

———. 1948g. "The Roman Catholic Church." The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 256 (March): 36–42. Also published as "What Does the Catholic Church Want?" Catholic Digest 13 (December 1948): 51–53 (abbreviated); and "The Roman Catholic Church" Catholic Mind 46 (September 1984): 580–88. [scanned]

———. 1948h. "The Root of Faith: The Doctrine of M. J. Scheeben." Theological Studies 9 (March): 20–46. [scanned]

———. 1948i. "St. Robert Bellarmine on the Indirect Power." Theological Studies 9 (December): 491–535. This article and 1948c, 1949b, and 1951b were translated and reprinted as "Kirche and Demokratie" Dokumente: Zeitschrift für übernationale Zusammenarbeit 12 (February 1956): 9–16. [proofed]

———. 1948j. Foreword to Emmanuel Cardinal Suhard, Growth or Decline: The Church Today, translated by James Corbet (South Bend: Indiana), i–iii". [proofed]

———. 1949a. "The Catholic Position: A Reply." American Mercury 69 (September): 274–83; (November): 637–39. Republished in Bridging the Sacred and the Secular, 259–308. [scanned]

———. 1949b. "Contemporary Orientations of Catholic Thought on Church and State in the Light of History." Theological Studies 10 (June): 177–234. Also published in Cross Currents (Fall 1951): 15–55. This article and 1948c, 1948h, and 1951b were translated and reprinted as "Kirche and Demokratie," Dokumente: Zeitschrift für übernationale Zusammenarbeit 12 (February 1956): 9–16.[proofed]

———. 1949c. "Current Theology: On Religious Freedom." Theological Studies 10 (September): 409–32.[scanned]

———. 1949d. "Law or Prepossessions." Law and Contemporary Problems 14 (Winter): 23–43. Also published in Essays in Constitutional Law, edited by R. G. McCloskey (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1957), 316–47. [scanned]

———. 1949e. "On the Idea of a College Religion Course." Jesuit Educational Quarterly 12 (October): 79–86. [scanned]

———. 1949f. "On the Necessity for Not Believing: A Roman Catholic Interpretation." Yale Scientific Magazine 23, no. 5 (February): 11, 12, 22, 30, 32, 34. Republished in Bridging the Sacred and the Secular, 237–47. [scanned]

———. 1949g. "Reversing the Secularist Drift." Thought 24 (March): 36–46. [scanned]

———. 1949h. Review of American Freedom and Catholic Power, by Paul Blanshard. Catholic World 169 (June): 233–34. [scanned]

———. 1949i. Review of Free Speech in Its Relation to Self-Government, by Alexander Meiklejohn. Georgetown Law Journal 37 (May): 654–62. [scanned]

———. 1950a. "The Natural Law." In Great Expressions of Human Rights, edited by Robert M. MacIver. New York: Harper, 69–104. Also published as "Natural Law and the Public Consensus," in Natural Law and Modern Society, edited by John Cogley (Cleveland, OH: World Publishing, 1962; reprint Freeport, NY: Books for Libraries Press, 1972), 48–81. Forms the concluding chapter, "The Doctrine Lives: The Eternal Return of the Natural Law," of WHTT, 295–336, with only slight revisions. [proofed]

———. 1950b. "One Work of the One Church." The Missionary Union of the Clergy Bulletin 14 (March): 5–11. Also published in Catholic Mind 48 (June 1950): 358–64. [scanned]

———. 1951a. "Paul Blanchard and the New Nativism." Month 5 New Series (April): 214–25. [scanned]

———. 1951b. "The Problem of 'The Religion of the State'." The American Ecclesiastical Review 124 (May): 327–52. Also published as "The Problem of State Religion," Theological Studies 12 (June 1951): 155–78. This article and 1948c, 1948h, and 1949b were translated and reprinted as "Kirche and Demokratie," Dokumente: Zeitschrift für übernationale Zusammenarbeit 12 (February 1956): 9–16. [proofed]

———. 1951c. "School and Christian Freedom." National Catholic Educational Association Proceedings 48 (August): 63–68. [scanned]

———. 1952a. "The Church and Totalitarian Democracy." Theological Studies 14 (December): 525–63. [proofed]

———. 1952b. "For the Freedom and Transcendence of the Church." The American Ecclesiastical Review 126, no. January (March): 28–48. [proofed]

———. 1953a. "Christian Humanism in American." Social Order 3 (May-June): 233–44. Slightly edited and republished as chapter 8, "Is It Basket Weaving?: The Question of Christian and Human Values," in WHTT, 175–96.[scanned]

———. 1953b. "Leo XIII on Church and State: The General Structure of the Controversy." Theological Studies 14 (March): 1–30.[proofed]

———. 1953c. "Leo XIII: Separation of Church and State." Theological Studies 14 (June): 145–314. [proofed]

———. 1953d. "Leo XIII: Two Concepts of Government." Theological Studies 14 (December): 551–67.[proofed]

———. 1953e. "The Problem of Free Speech." Philippine Studies 1, no. September: 107–24. Republished in Bridging the Sacred and the Secular, 54–70.[scanned]

———. 1953f. "Sermon given at a Red Mass, Washington, D.C." February, 1953. Murray Archives, file 2–294. [scanned]

———. 1954a. "Correspondence with Robert MacIver, dating from 1952 through 1954". Murray Archives, file 2–147. [get]

———. 1954b. "Leo XIII: Two Concepts of Government: Government and the Order of Culture." Theological Studies 15 (March): 1–33.[proofed]

———. 1954c. "Notes to Murray's Ci Riesce talk at Catholic University." March 25, 1954. Murray Archives, file 5–402. [get]

———. 1954d. "On the Structure of the Church-State Problem." In The Catholic Church in World Affairs, edited by Waldemar Gurian and M. A. Fitzsimons, 11–32. Notre Dame, IN: University of Notre Dame Press. [scanned]

———. 1954e. "The Problem of Pluralism in America." Thought 24 (Summer): 165–208. Also published in Commonweal 60 (1954): 463–68 and in Catholicism in American Culture (New Rochelle, NY: College of New Rochelle, 1955). Republished, with less positive affirmation of American society, as "Church, State, and Religious Liberty" in The Catholic Mind (May-June 1959): 201–15, and as chapters 1 and 2, "E Pluribus Unum: The American Consensus" and "Civil Unity and Religious Integrity: The Articles of Peace," WHTT, 27–78; and as "The Problem of Pluralism in America," Thought (Sesquicentennial Issue, 323–359.[proofed]

———. 1955a. "Catholics in America—a Creative Minority—Yes or No?" Epistle (New York) 21: 36–41. Also as "Catholics in America—a Creative Minority?" Catholic Mind 53 (October 1955): 590–97. [proofed]

———. 1955b. "The Christian Idea of Education." In Eight Views of Responsibility in Government, Business, Education and the Church, 372–84. St. Louis, MO: St. Louis University. Excerpts published as "The Unity of Truth," Commonweal 63 (January 13, 1956): 381–82. Extended with a different conclusion and published as "The Christian Idea of Education" in The Christian Idea of Education (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1957), 152–63. Republished as "The Catholic University in a Pluralistic Society," Catholic Mind 57 (May-June 1959): 253–60, and as "The Christian Idea of Education," in Bridging the Sacred and the Secular, 122–41.[proofed]

———. 1955c. "Leo XIII and Pius XII: Government and the Order of Religion."." In Religious Liberty: Catholic Struggles with Pluralism, edited by J. Leon Hooper S.J. (Louisville, KY: Westminster/John Knox), 49–125. Original publication in Theological Studies blocked by Rome in 1955. Galley pages in Murray Archives, file 7–536.[scanned]

———. 1955d. "Special Catholic Challenges." Life 39–40 (December 26): 144–146. Also published as "Challenges Confronting the American Catholic." Catholic Mind 57 (May-June 1959): 196–200 [proofed]

———. 1956a. "The Bad Arguments Intelligent Men Make." America 96 (November 3): 120–23. This and the Fischer article that provoked it were published as appendices in Catholic Viewpoint on Censorship, edited by Harold C. Gardiner, S.J. (Garden City, NJ: Hanover House, 1958), 157–92. Republished in Bridging the Sacred and the Secular, 71–80.[scanned]

———. 1956b. "Freedom, Responsibility and Law." Catholic Lawyer 2 (July): 214–23, 276. Reprinted in Catholic Mind 56 (September-October 1958): 436–47. [scanned]

———. 1956c. "Die Katholiken in der americanischen Gesellschaft." Dokumente: Zeitschrift für übernationale Zusammenarbeit 12 (August): 287–92. [get]

———. 1956d. "The Next Liberal Task for America." September 29, 1956. Murray Archives, file 3–295. [get]

———. 1956e. "The Quality of Reverence." Journal of the Newman Club of the University of Minnesota (June). A manuscript copy in Murray Archives 5–390. [get]

———. 1956f. "Questions of Striking a Right Balance: Literature and Censorship." Books on Trial 14 (June-July): 393–95. Reprinted as "Literature and Censorship," Catholic Mind 54 (December 1956): 665–77; and slightly edited for chapter 7, "Should There Be a Law: The Question of Censorship," WHTT, 155–74. Translated and published as "Literatur und Zensur," Frankfurter Hefte: Zeitschrift für Kultur und Politik 17 (December 1962): 824–33.[proofed]

———. 1956g. "Remarks on Theological Method." Murray Archives, file 4–324.

———. 1956h. "The School Problem in Mid-Twentieth Century." In The Role of the Independent School in American Democracy, edited by William H. Conley. Milwaukee, WI: Marquette University Press, 1–16. Reprinted as "The Religious School in a Pluralistic Society," Catholic Mind 54 (September 1956): 502–11, and slightly reedited for chapter 6, "Is It Justice?: The School Question Today," WHTT, 143–54.[proofed]

———. 1956i. "Sermon for a Red Mass at Boston College." Chestnut Hill, MA. September, 1956. [scanned]

———. 1956j. "St. Ignatius and the End of Modernity." In The Ignatian Year at Georgetown. Washington, DC: Georgetown University Press. Mimeographed version in Murray Archives, file 5–410. [proofed]

———. 1956k. "The Thesis Form as an Instrument of Theological Reflection." In Proceedings of the Eleventh Annual Convention of the Catholic Theological Society of America, 218–24. Bronx, NY: Catholic Theological Society of America. [xeroxed]

———. 1957. "Church, State and Political Freedom." Modern Age: A Conservative Review 1 (Fall): 134–45. Also in Catholic Mind 57 (May-June 1959): 216–29; as "The Freedom of Man in the Freedom of the Church," in Modern Catholic Thinkers, edited by A. Robert Caponigri, (New York: Harper, 1960), 372–84; and in The Essentials of Freedom: The Idea and Practice of Ordered Liberty in the Twentieth Century, edited by Raymond English, (Gambier, OH: Kenyon College, 1960), 151–66; and as chapter 9, "Are There Two or One?: The Question of the Future of Freedom" in WHTT, 197–217.[proofed]

———. 1958a. "America's Four Conspiracies." In Religion in America, edited by J. Cogley. New York, NY: Meridian Books, 12–41. Reprinted in Catholic Mind 57 (May-June 1959): 230–41 and in Readings in the Philosophy of Education, edited by M. Carron, (Detroit: University of Detroit Press, 1960), 84–86. Also appeared as "Introduction: The Civilization of the Pluralistic Society," in WHTT, 5–24.[proofed]

———. 1958b. "Church and State: The Structure of the Argument." Murray Archives, file 6–490. [get]

———. 1958c. "Confusion of U.S. Foreign Policy." In Foreign Policy and the Free Society, edited by John Courtney Murray and Walter Millis. New York, NY: Oceana Publications, 21–42. With a discussion between Millis, Murray and others, 53–116. This was sponsored by Fund for the Republic. Excerpt published as "Confusion of U.S. Foreign Policy," Catholic Mind 57 (May-June 1959): 261–73. Also published as chapter 10, "Doctrine and Policy in Communist Imperialism: The Problem of Security and Risk," WHTT, 221–47.[proofed]

———. 1958d. "How to Think (Theologically) about War and Peace." Catholic Messenger 76 (December): 7–8. Also as "U.S. Policy vis-a-vis the Soviet Union" (Catholic Association for International Peace News 19 (December 1958): 8–10. [get]

———. 1958e. "The Making of a Pluralist Society." Religious Education 53 (November-December): 521–528. Reprinted as "University in a Pluralist Society," in Religion and the State University, edited by Erich A. Walker (Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1958), 13–26. Reprinted as "State University in a Pluralist Society" Catholic Mind 57 (May-June 1959): 242–52. Edited for chapter 5, "Creeds at War Intelligibly: Pluralism and the University," in WHTT, 125–39.[proofed]

———. 1958f. "Talk on religious knowledge and the university, given at Loyola." Talk on religious knowledge and the university, given at Loyola. Murray Archives, file 6–423. [get]

———. 1959a. "The Liberal Arts College and the Contemporary Climate of Opinion." In Bridging the Sacred and the Secular, 142–46.[scanned]

———. 1959b. Morality and the Modern War. New York: The Church Peace Union. Pamphlet, from a paper delivered before the Catholic Association for International Peace, October 28, 1958. Printed as "The Morality of War," Theological Digest 7 (Autumn 1959): 131–37; as "God, Man and Nuclear War," Catholic Mind 57 (May-June 1959): 273–88; as "Remarks on the Moral Problem of War," in Morality and Modern Warfare, edited by William Nagle (Baltimore: Helicon Press, 1960), 69–91; as "Der Krieg als sittliches Problem," Dokumente: Zeitschrift für übernationale Zusammenarbeit 4 (August 1959), 275–90; and slightly edited as ch. 11, "The Uses of a Doctrine on the Uses of Force: War as a Moral Problem," in WHTT, 249–73.[proofed]

———. 1959c. "The Next Task for America." Sermon given at a Red Mass in Baltimore, M.D. September, 1959. Murray Arhives, file 3–296.

———. 1959d. "Unica Status Religio." Murray Archives, file 7–558. [get]

———. 1960a. "Morality and Foreign Policy, Part I & II." America 102 (March 19): 729–32; (March 26): 764–67. This two-part article appeared as chapter 12, "," in WHTT, 273–94.[proofed]

———. 1960b. "On Raising the Religious Issue." America 103 (September 24): 702. [scanned]

———. 1960c. We Hold These Truths: Catholic Reflections on the American Propositon. New York: Sheed & Ward. Made up of previously published articles: Introduction, 1958a; chapters 1 and 2, 1954e; chapter 5, 1958e; chapter 6 1956h; chapter 7, 1956f; chapter 8, 1953a; chapter 9, 1957a; chapter 10, 1958c; chapter 11, 1958f; chapter 13, 1950a. Also includes the new additions of: chapter 3, "Two Cases for the Public Consensus: Fact or Need," 79–96; chapter 4, "The Origins and Authority of the Public Consensus: A Study of the Growing End," 97–123; and chapter 12: 1960a (published the same year).[proofed]

———. 1961a. "The American Proposition." Commonweal 73 (January 20): 433–35. Transcription of an interview on "The Catholic Hour.". [scanned]

———. 1961b. Foreword to In a Spirit of Wonder: A Christmas Anthology for Our Age, by M. L. Shrady. Pantheon Books; New York, ix–xi. [scanned?]

———. 1961c. "Hopes and Misgivings for Dialogue." America 104 (January 14): 459–60. Also part of a pamphlet published as One Fold, One Shepherd (New York, NY: America Press). Republished as "Hopes and Misgivings for Dialogue" in Bridging the Sacred and the Secular, 309–10.[scanned]

———. 1961d. "What Can Unite a Religiously Divided Nation?" Catholic Messenger 79 (May 4): 4. Republished as "The Return to Tribalism," Catholic Mind 60 (January 1962): 5–12; in Readings in Social Theology, edited by E. Morgan (Dayton, OH: Pflaum Press, 1961), 191–201; as "The Return to Tribalism" in Bridging the Sacred and the Secular, 147–56.[scanned]

———. 1962a. "Le droit à l'incroyance." Relations [Montréal], [Montréal] 227 (Avril): 91–92. Republished as "The Right to Unbelief" in Bridging the Sacred and the Secular, 231–36.[scanned]

———. 1962b. "Federal Aid to Church Related Schools." Yale Political: A Journal of Divergent Views on National Issues 1: 16, 29–31. Republished as "Federal Aid to Church Related Schools" in Bridging the Sacred and the Secular, 45–52.[proofed]

———. 1962c. Foreword to The Encounter With God: Aspects of Modern Theology, by Joseph C. O'Neill (New York: MacMillian), vii–x. [scanned]

———. 1962d. "Letter to Archbishop L. J. Shehan, August 1963." August, Murray Archives, file 18–1008. [get]

———. 1962e. "Remarks on Theological Method." Murray Archives, file 4–324. [get]

———. 1963a. "The Church and the Council." America 109 (October 19): 451–53.

———. 1963b. The Elite and the Electorate: Is Government by the People Possible? Santa Barbara: Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, by the Fund for the Republic. An occasional paper on the role of political process in the free society: Murray comments on an article J. William Fulbright. [get]

———. 1963c. ""Extreme unction," "Holy spirit," "Nuntio"." Encyclopedia Britannica. 11th ed., S.v. [get]

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