Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Takedown Notices

If you find infringing copies of your work on another site, you may send a DMCA takedown notice. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (DMCA), sets out a process for copyright holders to send an official notice requesting the service provider remove the infringing material. In order to stay within the DMCA’s “safe harbor,” service providers must remove or block access to the infringing works expeditiously so they cannot be sued for infringement. For details of the process, see our DMCA Takedown Notice page.

Georgetown DMCA Agent

In accordance with the DMCA, Georgetown University has designated an agent to receive notification of alleged copyright infringement occurring on Georgetown University sites. Please send information about alleged copyright infringements to the university's designated DMCA agent. More information on how to file a notice of alleged copyright infringement is on our Georgetown University DMCA Agent page.