Laser Cutter Safety Checklists

Before You Cut

  1. Clear the cutting bed of debrisdiagram of how to calibrate the laser cutter

  2. Position your design so that it fits on your selected material

  3. Calibrate the bed height using the calibration tool (The “Z Height” should be equivalent to the material thickness)

  4. Input cut settings (Material type, thickness)

  5. Estimate the job runtime

  6. Turn on the BOFA air filter

  7. Ask a Volunteer to start the cut!


During the Cut

Never leave the laser cutter unattended! You must monitor the laser cutter for the duration of the job.

If you notice flames:

  • Often small amounts of fire will be visible. If the flame quickly extinguishes after the laser carriage has moved on, there is no cause for concern.
  • If flames persist after the laser carriage has moved on: 
    • Immediately turn off the laser cutter. Leave the BOFA filter on unless it is feeding the fire. Alert Maker Hub staff immediately.
    • Extinguish remaining flames with the fire blanket located inside the red package above the air filter.
    • For large flames, use the CO2 fire extinguisher

If you notice chemical smells:

  • Immediately turn off the laser cutter but leave the air filter on
  • Have all staff and visitors leave the Maker Hub
  • Alert Maker Hub and Library staff


After the Cut

  • Keep the laser cutter closed for 15 seconds after the job is complete
  • Remove your material, making sure to get any small scraps
    • Use a shopvac if necessary
  • Fill out the Laser Cutter Log
  • Turn off the laser cutter and air filter