Maker Hub Community

The Maker Hub is defined by the people who use it! If you are interested in using the Maker Hub for an academic or personal project, simply come by during open hours and one of our Volunteers will let you in!

There a several ways to get involved with the Maker Hub. The easiest is simply to drop in during our open hours, ask one of our friendly staff or volunteers to show you around, and start making. There's (almost) always someone in the space who can show you how to use any of our equipment, and we love learning together!

Who’s in our Community? Roles and Expectations:

Manager of Maker Hub

David Strout is the Manager of the Maker Hub. The Manager turns the mission into policies, procedures, and programming. He also makes decisions about purchases, and oversees the organization and design of the physical and digital spaces of the Maker Hub.

Monitors & Volunteers

Monitors and Volunteers are the backbone of the Maker Hub. They welcome our visitors, help them learn new tools, and provide advice on projects according to their expertise. When not helping visitors, they are cleaning and organizing the space, learning new tools, and working on other projects that improve and promote the Maker Hub.

Volunteers work a single 2-hour shift each week, and in return get a personal keycode which can be used to access the Maker Hub outside of open hours. 

Monitors work approximately 5-10 hours each week, are given a personal keycode, and are paid for their time.

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer, please contact the Maker Hub at Please check HoyaWorks for open Monitor positions. 

Maker Neighbors

Maker Neighbors are people that are not directly GU affiliated, but have special expertise that they share with the Maker Hub Community through volunteer hours, mentorship, and special projects. If you'd like to become a Maker Neighbor, contact

Current Maker Hub Personnel:

Lauren Emeritz shows off her printing skills in the Maker Hub

Lauren Emeritz, Maker Neighbor

Makerhub logo

Mario Ezekiel H., Maker Neighbor

Pascal Girard next to a stack of makerhub tools

Pascal Girard, Maker Neighbor

Adam Godet head shot in the maker hub

Adam Godet, Maker Neighbor

I love that the Makerhub holds space for people to explore, learn, and create.

Makerhub logo

Gillian Meyers, 2023

Chelsea Sanchez in the maker hub

Chelsea Sanchez, Communications Coordinator, 2021 CCT

Hana Chong in the Maker Hub

Hana Chong, 2023 Finance

Josh Mauss posing with his Halloween costume made in the Maker Hub

Joshua Mauss, Operations Coordinator, 2020 Science, Technology, & International Affairs

The Maker Hub is where things can become greater than the sum of their parts.

Kat Woodard head shot

Kat Woodard, 2022 Culture & Politics

Lucinda Zhu in the Maker Hub

Lucinda Zhu, 2020 College

Mitch Rimerman in the Maker Hub

Mitch Rimerman, 2022 Mathematics, Economics

Simra Ali head shot

Simra Ali, 2022 Computer Science

Maker hub logo

Aaron Joya, 2021 LDT

Makerhub logo

Alan Balu, 2021 Biochemistry

I love the Maker Hub because it gives me a break from my work and lets me open up my creative side. I can create and build whatever I want!

Alexa Eason head shot

Alexa Eason, 2020 African American Studies

I appreciate how the Maker Hub empowers individuals to learn how to use the tools within the space through the DIY concept.

Makerhub logo

Allecia Jones, Latin American Studies

I am Allecia Jones a first-year graduate student in SFS, specifically the Latin American Studies program, who welcomes the opportunity to explore the Maker hub embroidery and laser cutter tools.

Allegra Lubar,

I love seeing the variety of projects that people are making and I think it's great that the Makerhub makes such a big range of tools and supplies accessible to everyone.

Andreas Beissel in the Maker Hub

Andreas Beissel, 2021 CCT

Makerhub logo

Ayla Deconti, 2020 CLAS

Cameron McKay in the Maker Hub

Cameron McKay, 2020 Neuroscience (PhD)

Camille Vincent in the Maker Hub

Camille Vincent, 2021 LDT

Chelsea Hafer in the Maker Hub

Chelsea Hafer, 2022 Sociology

Makerhub logo

Chiara Lewis, 2020 Anthropology

Cindy Lu in the Maker Hub

Cindy Lu, 2021 Marketing

Darsh Parthasarathy head shot

Darsh Parthasarathy, 2021 CCT

Dominique Haywood in the Maker Hub

Dominique Haywood, 2020 CCT

Hang Liu head shot

Hang Liu, 2021 CCT

Hao Shen head shot

Hao Shen, 2021 CCT

Ijeoma Niaka in the Maker Hub

Ijeoma Njaka, 2019 LDT

I love being able to make things with and for other people.

Maker Hub logo

Jack Morton, 2020

Kate Gregory in the Maker Hub

Kate Gregory, 2021 Art & Art History

Kelly Thomas in the Maker Hub

Kelly Thomas, 2022 Computer Science

Kelvin Doe in the Maker Hub

Kelvin Doe, 2023 College

Kit Katz head shot

Kit Katz, 2020 College

Leslie Van head shot

Leslie Van, 2020 Culture & Politics

I like that the Maker Hub offers students a space to work on projects they normally wouldn’t in a typical Georgetown class!

Lizzy Kim in the Maker Hub

Lizzy Kim, 2020 College

I think the MakerHub is great because you can make virtually anything you think of! It's also a great place to learn how to make new things and learn new skills.

Lucca Oliveira in the Maker Hub

Lucca Oliveira, 2021 NHS

My name is Lucca, I was born in Brazil and I am trained as an EMT so if you ever cut your finger I am fully qualified to apply a bandaid for you.

Mary Grace Yaeger in the Maker Hub

Mary Grace Yaeger, 2023 College

Maya Stevenson in the Maker Hub

Maya Stevenson, 2020 African American Studies

Noah Martin hiking and listening to headphones

Noah Martin, Staff

The Maker Hub provides a much needed outlet for free form creativity on campus.

Olivia Torbert in the Maker Hub

Olivia Torbert, 2020 International Politics

Patrick Johnson in the Maker Hub

Patrick Johnson, Faculty

Ryan Mannion on a boat giving two thumbs up.

Ryan Mannion, 2020 Linguistics

Sarema Shorr head shot

Sarema Shorr, 2021 Exchange from University of Edinburgh

There are so many great resources that are completely accessible and free to use!

Seven Wu in the Maker Hub

Seven Wu, 2021 CCT

Maker Hub logo

Teodora Lancaster, 2020 African American Studies

Wanyi Huang head shot

Wanyi Huang, 2021 CCT

Maker Hub logo

Whitney Tran, 2020 Sociology

Maker Hub logo

Will Logue, 2020 Finance

Maker Hub logo

Yu Young Lee, 2023 Undeclared

The Makerhub makes creating feel as good as it always has been.

Maker Hub logo

Zabdiel Rothschild,

What I like best about the Maker Hub is having a dedicated space to create everything and anything you can imagine, with people around to help you if you get stuck.

Zihui Wang head shot

Zihui Wang, 2021 CCT

Maker Hub logo

Hélène Lerno, 2020 CCT

Maker Hub Skills Calendar

This spreadsheet lists what skills are available to be taught in the Maker Hub and when. It was created by cross-referencing our Volunteers' schedules with their areas of expertise.

We do this to help you plan your visit to the Maker Hub while respecting the privacy of our Volunteers. Please be aware that:

  • Volunteers MAY be busy helping others.
  • Volunteers may have cancelled their shift at the last minute.