Maker Hub Community

The Maker Hub community is a thriving and diverse collective of creators, innovators, and visionaries. Anyone in the Georgetown community is welcome to use the Maker Hub, so if you come in you may meet students, faculty, and staff from across the campus.


Visitors can access the Maker Hub during open hours to work on self-directed projects, or schedule a consultation for more in-depth assistance.

If you are coming to the Maker Hub for the first time there are a few things to keep in mind. Close-toed shoes are required in the space, and we encourage you to avoid baggy clothing or loose jewelry. When you get to the Maker Hub, ring the doorbell and a Volunteer will let you in! The Volunteer will then show you around the space and have you acknowledge the Maker Hub Participation Assumption of Risk and Release Form which is required for all Maker Hub users.

Working in the Maker Hub

The Maker Hub can only function with the help of amazing people! Volunteers and monitors welcome our visitors, help them learn new tools, and provide advice on projects according to their expertise. When not helping visitors, they are cleaning and organizing the space, learning new tools, and working on other projects that improve and promote the Maker Hub. Click the link below to learn more about our wonderful staff and volunteers!

Current Maker Hub Staff and Volunteers


A photo collage showing 9 different pictures of volunteers in the Maker Hub


Volunteers work a single 2-hour shift each week, and in return receive a personal keycode which can be used to access the Maker Hub outside of open hours.

To become a Maker Hub Volunteer, students first participate in the Volunteer in Training (ViT) Program in which they learn Maker Hub systems and policies, practice hands-on skills at different making stations, and hone their interpersonal skills as they shadow an experienced Maker Volunteer Parent (MVP). If becoming a Maker Hub Volunteer sounds up your alley, fill out the Volunteer Interest Form. Responses to this form will be used to select volunteers for the next semester.


Monitors are the Maker Hub's team of student staff. They work approximately 6-12 hours each week, are given a personal keycode, and are paid an hourly wage in accordance with DC laws and Library policies. Monitors are required to have a Federal Work Study award. Please check HoyaWorks for open Monitor positions. 

Maker Neighbors

Maker Neighbors are not directly GU affiliated, but have special expertise that they share with the Maker Hub Community through volunteer hours, mentorship, and special projects. To learn more about the Maker Neighbor Program, including how to become one, check out the Maker Neighbor webpage.

Maker Hub Manager

David Strout is the Manager of the Maker Hub. The Manager turns the mission of the Maker Hub into policies, procedures, and programming. He also makes decisions about purchases, and oversees the organization and design of the physical and digital spaces of the Maker Hub.