Maker Hub Community

Monitors & Volunteers

Monitors and Volunteers are the backbone of the Maker Hub. They welcome our visitors, help them learn new tools, and provide advice on projects according to their expertise. When not helping visitors, they are cleaning and organizing the space, learning new tools, and working on other projects that improve and promote the Maker Hub.


Volunteers work a single 2-hour shift each week, and in return receive a personal keycode which can be used to access the Maker Hub outside of open hours.

To become a Maker Hub Volunteer, students first participate in the Volunteer in Training (ViT) Program in which they learn Maker Hub systems and policies, practice hands-on skills at different making stations, and hone their interpersonal skills as they shadow an experienced Maker Volunteer Parent (MVP). If becoming a Maker Hub Volunteer sounds up your alley, please fill out the Volunteer Interest Form prior to March 17th. Please note that responses to this form will be used to select volunteers for the upcoming semester, as slots rarely open up mid-semester. 


Monitors work approximately 6-12 hours each week, are given a personal keycode, and are paid an hourly wage. Monitors are required to have a Federal Work Study award. Please check HoyaWorks for open Monitor positions. 

Maker Neighbors

Maker Neighbors are people that are not directly GU affiliated, but have special expertise that they share with the Maker Hub Community through volunteer hours, mentorship, and special projects. If you'd like to become a Maker Neighbor, contact

Manager of Maker Hub

David Strout is the Manager of the Maker Hub. The Manager turns the mission into policies, procedures, and programming. He also makes decisions about purchases, and oversees the organization and design of the physical and digital spaces of the Maker Hub.

Current Maker Hub Personnel:


Amy Cazares, Art 2024

Ahmad Jandal, STIA 2023

I want to work at the Maker Hub because I've always had a knack for building and tinkering. By the end of the semester, I hope to help as many people with projects as I can, maybe I'll even pick some ideas up along the way! 

Andrew Morin, 2024

Angela Nguyen, History 2024

I love everyone in the Maker Hub community!

Arun Lakshman, Operations and Analytics 2024

Beatrice Scanlon, Government, French 2025

I love how eager everyone at the MakerHub is to both share their expertise and learn from others!

Blake Brochier, Computer Science 2022

I love how eager everyone at the MakerHub is to both share their expertise and learn from others!

Catherine Dell'Olio, College 2025

Kat Woodard head shot

Cece Ochoa, College 2024

My favorite thing about the Makerhub is being around so many amazing creative and talented people who are eager to teach others how to express themselves!

Cecilia Cassidy, Physics 2025

I love using the vinyl cutter to make stickers!

Deena Eichhorn

Elizabeth Kean, Government 2024

Emily Kaney, Biology 2024

Gillian Meyers, STIA 2023

I love that I always run into people in the Maker Hub who I never see anywhere else on campus.

Grace Miller


Hao Shen, CCT 2022

Helen Pewther, Computer Science 2023


Isabella Liu, Physics 2025

Jimson Mathew, Learning Design, and Technology 2022

Jupiter Huang SFS' 25 I decided to join the MakerHub staff because I love the wonderful chaos of the design process, and want to help students maximize their time in this amazing space

Katherine Hawes

Katherine Woodard, Culture & Politics 2022

Kathleen Li, Finance and OIM 2022

Kelvin Doe, Political Economy 2023

Kimberly Jolie

Maya Kominsky, American studies 2024

I love the Maker Hub because there’s something for everybody here!

Hang Liu head shot

Noa Bronicki, Government and Economics 2023

I love that the Makerhub fosters creativity and allows people to turn their ideas into something tangible.

Noah Aire, French 2024

I love the Maker Hub because I get to tap into my creative side and learn how to craft something new every time I volunteer!

Reka Blakemore

Richard Pihlstrom, Computer Science 2024

Ryn Slack

Shania Fan, Marketing & Finance, 2024

Siona Ely, Chemistry 2024

William Nemoy