Safety in the Maker Hub

The Maker Hub is filled with powerful tools, some of which can be harmful if not used correctly. In the interest of protecting our users and our equipment, all user of the Maker Hub must participate in the Maker Hub Orientation and sign our Safety Waiver.

Maker Hub House Rules:

  1. At all time obey instructions of Maker Hub Staff. Failure to do so results in immediate dismissal from the space.

  2. Do not use any machine until you have signed the Release Form and have taken the orientation class. Some machines require additional safety orientation before use. These include:

    1. 3D Printers
    2. Laser Cutter
    3. Vinyl Cutter
    4. Power Tools
    5. Soldering Stations
    6. Sewing Machine
  3. Never work while while you are impaired, stressed, tired or otherwise unable to work carefully.

  4. Always wear safety glasses around equipment where indicated, even if you are not using the equipment.

  5. Always wear close­-toed shoes. Sandals, flip-flops, and high­ heels should not be worn.

  6. Always tie back long hair so that it is not able to hang in front of neck/face.

  7. Never wear loose­-fitting clothing, jewelry, or anything else that could get caught in machinery.

  8. Portable music players with headphones are prohibited in the Maker Space.  

  9. Never place hands in the area of any cutting tool or machine.

  10. Never leave machine while it is running, unless allowed by staff.

  11. Never interrupt or distract an individual using machinery.  

  12. Always check material for metal, such as screws or nails, before using on machinery.

  13. Alert staff to malfunctioning machinery.  

  14. Report all injuries to staff immediately.

  15. Volatile solvents and anything that produces bad fumes are prohibited.

  16. Clean up after yourself, AND OTHERS. A clean space is everyone’s responsibility.

  17. When in doubt, ASK! There are no dumb questions.