Scholarly Communication Committee


The Scholarly Communications Committee's activities throughout the year focus on providing information and support to the Georgetown community on the following issues:

  • Exploring the range publishing models, from traditional to alternative and innovative models
  • Disseminating research and scholarship to the broadest possible audience
  • Retaining rights to your research and scholarship
  • Increasing dialog among departments on campus around a broad range of scholarly communications issues

The committee has been hosting symposia and other events for over ten years. Our Scholarly Communication Event series is designed to allow an open forum for a wider discussion of how research and scholarship are changing and for continuing University dialogue surrounding initiatives in scholarly communication. Our recent media workshops provide practical advice on communicating your research through traditional and social media.

Publishing Resources

For an overview of the scholarly publishing process, read our Guide to Scholarly Publishing.

Media Tips

For tips on broadening the reach of your work using traditional or social media, visit our Communicating through the Media pages: