Insider/Outsider: The Anatomy of Identity Poster Project

Students chose words and quotes from our course readings and guest lecturers that resonated with their own identities and personal experiences. The students used a variety of creative processes such as experimental printmaking, linocut, collage, digital media, stencils, paint, and other maker hub processes. The posters are very powerful and their creation required a deep level of trust and vulnerability to express their identities in visual form.

Florencia Bendersky, COL’27; Hank Butehorn, COL’24; Faith Connolly, MSB ’27; Sydney Hudson, HS (MED)’26; Parker Parris, MSB’27; Anndy Serrano, COL’24; Nidhi Somineni, COL’27; Riley Torbeck, SN (MED)’26; Julia Langley; Toni-Lee Sangastiano
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Insider/Outsider: Anatomy of Identity, MHUM 1200 01MHUM-1200-01, Fall 2023
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