Kat's Maker Hub Projects

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(1) Home at Sea

Inspired by the concept of Ocean Waves and Heartbeats moving in tandem, I sought to create a project that expressed my interest in the concept. I first used Adobe Illustrator to digitally trace the drawing, and then used the MakerHub's Laser Cutter and Birch Wood to bring my design to life in 3D.

(2) A Modern Interpretation of Papel Picado

I wanted to experiment with the capabilities of the MakerHub's Cricket Cutter for materials other than Vinyl, so I tested its abilities on paper! I was inspired by one of my favorite illustrators who makes all of his work look like papel picado, the Mexican style of paper cutting. The piece is double sided, so the message you read on it is dependent on which side you look at it from.

(3) Expanding My Horizons 

I wanted to make a piece that incapsulated more than one type of medium that the MakerHub could support, so I used book board from our book binding station to serve as the backing for my project, leftover scrap-booking construction paper for the background, and the Vinyl Cutter to create the actual cutout. The design itself is inspired by one of my favorite Illustrators, who works in the Mexican style of Papel Picado. I sought to bring one of my favorite 2-D images to life by using the Maker-Hub's resources to make it 3-D.

Kat Woodard
Library Staff