Postmodern Punk Posters

Students created an 11x17" music event poster based on a song of their choice and inspired by the Postmodern punk DIY design methods featured in our Spagnuolo Gallery, One Nation Underground: Punk Visual Culture 1976-1985. The Walsh building was the former heart of punk music culture in DC and students listened to a playlist of punk music once played in the same building as their classroom. As part of the history of postmodernism, students had to incorporate 1 or 2 manual / DIY approaches to the imagery into their poster: linocut, embossed label maker, photocopy, ripped or torn edges, typewriter text, etc. and in the spirit of postmodern hybridity — blend with Maker Hub technology. These textures or elements were scanned or photographed and integrated within their poster using Adobe Software. Here is a Spotify class playlist based on the student-chosen songs/musicians of their posters.

Hannah Weingartner
Jenna Royson
Amy Zhou
Elizabeth Alarcon
Hector Herrera
Julie Guan
Isabella Xu
Kerry Neil
Helena Yang
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ARTS 162 - Intro to Graphic Design
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