Tradition Meets Transformation: AI-Enhanced Real Estate Finance

This thesis explores the integration of AI, specifically ChatGPT, into real estate financial analysis, examining its potential to enhance traditional methodologies while acknowledging its limitations. It navigates the dual role of AI as both an enhancer of analytical tasks and a navigator through intricate financial models. Created as a capstone for graduation, this work proudly charts new territory in a rapidly evolving field, offering emerging professionals and recent graduates a competitive edge in the industry. It heralds the expansive utility of AI in various sectors, presenting a glimpse into the transformative potential of AI in shaping the future of real estate financial analysis.

Other resources used include: Artificial Intelligence (Generative) Resources, Real Estate Resources (Databases, Books, Trends/Case Studies/Trade Publications, Industry Data)

Justin J. Francisco, MPRE '23
Course Title
Real Estate Capstone, MPRE 950, Fall 2023
Library Staff