Digital Research and Innovation (DRI) at Georgetown

Georgetown University Library and the Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship (CNDLS) jointly offer the Digital Research and Innovation (DRI) at Georgetown program. Currently in a pilot phase, this program offers faculty the opportunity to enhance their research with digital tools and methodologies; experiment with emerging technologies; and develop new modes of inquiry, scholarship, and creative production.

Faculty from across the University may submit proposals for scholarly digital projects at all scales that engage in research, pedagogy, experiential learning, and innovation. Accepted proposals will be supported by CNDLS and the Library through expert staff consultation, project planning and development, or other types of support. More information about this program can be found on the DRI program page.

Extreme Gingerbread House Competition

Step into a world where gingerbread houses stand as feats of engineering and edible artistry. In this annual event, participating teams are given all of the supplies needed to build creative gingerbread structures. The challenge: score highly in front of a panel of faculty judges on aesthetics, but also withstand the forces of a simulated earthquake for as long as possible! Join us for an afternoon of fun, candies, and a unique blend of creativity and engineering in the world of gingerbread construction.

Love Data Week

The Georgetown University Library proudly celebrates International Love Data Week. Join us in February for a week of events and workshops that promote awareness and understanding of data across the research data lifecycle. Participants can learn about a range of themes in data analysis, visualization, and management. 

Maker Hub Expo

The Maker Hub Expo is an annual event that highlights the impressive and innovative projects created by members of the Georgetown University community using Maker Hub resources. Every year there are new projects to see, from hand made dresses to intricate 3D-printed sculptures to meticulously crafted prototypes, all brought to life with the tools and equipment found in the Maker Hub

Seasonal Workshops

The Maker Hub hosts seasonal workshops dedicated to creative crafting during special occasions. From Valentine's Day cards to Thanksgiving hand turkeys and stress balls for finals, our workshops provide opportunities to engage in themed projects and celebrate these moments with unique creations.