Digital Scholarship Spaces

Production Studio

An small studio for shooting interviews and green screen shots.

Editing Rooms

These rooms are designed for individual and small group video and audio editing, and simple graphic design.

Multimedia CoLab (Room 158)

A small classroom designed for small group video and audio editing.

Picchi Multimedia Room

A small Macintosh-based classroom, available for general use by Georgetown patrons when not reserved for workshops.

Idea Lab

A medium sized meeting room that can be booked for classes or group meetings.

Gelardin Center Open Computing Area

Research, write papers, and more at the largest computer lab on campus.

Digitization Hub

The Digitization Hub is located in Editing Room 7 and is designed for specialized media conversion work. 

ISIDORE: The Data Computer

ISIDORE is located at the entrance to the Gelardin Center and can be used for advanced data analysis and computing. 

Virtual Reality Station 

The Virtual Reality Station allows users to access immersive experiences with an HTC Vive Pro VR headset and and specialized software.