About the Maker Hub

The Georgetown Maker Hub is a physical location that provides access to specialized tools, like 3D printers, laser cutters, and fabrication supplies. Makerspaces like the Maker Hub are designed to help self-directed inventors and creative teams gather and share resources and knowledge.

The Maker Hub first opened its doors in 2016, and still continues to grow to this day.

    Maker Hub Rules


    • Abide by all Lauinger Library Policies at all times
    • Obey the instruction of Maker Hub staff and volunteers at all times
    • Follow all posted safety instructions and guides
    • Sign in to the Maker Hub
    • Wear appropriate clothing is required (dress like a maker!)
      • Close-toed shoes
      • Long hair pulled back
      • Baggy clothing or loose jewelry that could get caught in machinery is discouraged
    • Use common sense! If something doesn't feel right, stop!


    • Bring food to the Maker Hub. No food is allowed. Beverages are allowed only in covered containers
    • Remove tools or materials from the Maker Hub
    • Perform work while impaired, inebriated, stressed, tired, or otherwise unable to work carefully.

    When in doubt, ASK!

    Our Vision

    Our vision is to provide a space connecting Georgetown researchers, makers, artists, and entrepreneurs from across campus with specialized equipment and a collaborative atmosphere to design, solve problems and innovate. This productive environment allows users to open up creatively, nurturing a whole new generation of inventors, creators, and entrepreneurs.

    The Maker Hub connects Georgetown students and researchers across campus to cultivate the education of the whole person, a cornerstone of Georgetown’s Jesuit tradition. The Maker Hub is symbolic of a new and exciting era of pedagogy where students are encouraged to not just consume information but create it.

    The Maker Hub & Idea Lab

    The Maker Hub is made up of two rooms. The Idea Lab is designed to facilitate communication and ideation. It's equipped with whiteboard tables, open space, and large video screens to help groups come together to discuss problems and sketch potential solutions.

    The Maker Hub is equipped with advanced tools for fabrication and experimentation. Students are free to drop in during open hours to work on their own projects, meet casually with other makers, or participate in any of our workshops and events.

    Our Values

    • Safety First!
    • Diversity: Everyone can be a maker, and the Maker Hub welcomes all points of view.
    • Accessibility: the Maker Hub is available to everyone regardless of ability. Projects are low-cost, and facilitation is available to those who need it.
    • Ecological Responsibility: The Maker Hub recycles and upcycles, and considers the environmental impact of our projects.
    • Learning by Doing: We break things, fail often, and try again.
    • Community: In the Maker Hub, we help each other, share ideas, and maintain the space together.
    • Transparency: The Maker Hub shares its successes AND failures, so future makers can learn from us.
    • Innovation: Fostering creativity and innovation are core to our mission. For details about the ownership of inventions and patents, see Georgetown University's Intellectual Property Policy The Maker Hub counts as "incidental use of facilities".

    Additional Information

    Click through to our appendix for information on other maker resources and a list of makerspaces in the DC area.

    Contact us

    We are located on the first floor of Lauinger Library. As you exit the elevators or the stairs, turn left down the hallway and follow the signs to the Maker Hub.

    Please contact us using our email: makerhub@georgetown.edu


    The Maker Hub community would like to recognize the following people for their outstanding effort in creating and guiding the Maker Hub:

    • Beth Marhanka - Head of Outreach and Engagement (2016-present)
    • Don Undeen - Maker Hub Manager (2016-2021)