Getting Started

Visiting the Space


  • Monday-Thursday: 4-8pm
  • Friday, Saturday 12-5pm
  • Closed Sundays
  • During the Summer we are closed on Saturday

Maker Hub Basic Safety Rules

  • Obey instructions of Maker Hub staff at all times.
  • Do not use any machine until you have received orientation and signed the Release Form.
    • Some Machines require additional safety orientation. They will be appropriately labeled, ask a staff or volunteer for help.
  • No food allowed. Beverages only in covered containers.
  • Never work while impaired, stressed, tired or otherwise unable to work carefully.
  • Wear safety glasses around identified equipment.
  • Closed-toed shoes are required. No sandals, flip-flops, high heels, etc.
  • Tie back long hair so it doesn’t hang in front of your face.
  • No loose-fitting clothing, jewelry, or anything that could get caught in machinery.
  • No volatile solvents or anything that produces bad fumes.
  • Never leave a machine while it is running, 3D printers excepted.
  • Never interrupt or distract an individual using machinery.
  • Alert staff to malfunctioning equipment.
  • Report all injuries to staff immediately.
  • Clean up after yourself, AND OTHERS.
  • Put equipment back when done.

The Safety Waiver

  • The Maker Hub contains many tools that are dangerous without the proper training. The Maker Hub Safety Waiver must be read and signed before you can access the Maker Hub. It absolves Georgetown University of liability in the case of an accident. 

Signing In

  • Signing in is very important. Please fill out all the sign-in data, as accurately as possible
  • Sign in using the laptop next to the entryway
    • If you are coming in just to pick something up, SIGN IN
    • If you are just dropping in to visit a friend, SIGN IN
    • If it’s not open hours, SIGN IN
    • If it’s late at night, SIGN IN
    • If it’s early in the morning, SIGN IN
    • If you step out for an hour or more, SIGN IN
  • If you step out for a bio-break or a quick phone call, you don’t need to re-sign in.
  • Don’t be surprised if a staff person asks you if you’ve signed in. It’s important!

Once I’m here, how does it work?


  • The Maker Hub is a space where you can learn how to use tools to turn your ideas into reality, to “Do It Yourself,” aka DIY. Our fantastic, friendly volunteers are here to help you learn. They are not here to “Do It For You,” DIFY. That’s why volunteers are trained not to touch the computers when instructing you how to use the software. We know this means projects might take longer to complete, but we believe that the empowerment and satisfaction that comes from DIY are worth it.
  • When coming in to the Maker Hub to do a project, make sure to give yourself enough time for learning. If you have a deadline, don’t wait until the last minute.
  • Another option is to make arrangements with a talented Maker Hub community member to do production work for you, for payment, trade, or other considerations. Such arrangements are between you and the community member, and are done on that community member’s own time.

Equipment Training

Getting Authorization

Some Maker Hub tools are more complicated, delicate, or dangerous than others. Therefore we have different types of authorization processes, or "Access Levels" for different tools. If you're not sure what Level a tool is, ask a staff or volunteer.

Equipment access levels

  • Free use: Anyone can use these tools if they have done the basic Safety Orientation for the Maker Hub and signed the safety waiver. All tools not otherwise identified are considered “Free Use.”
  • Safety Orientation Required: These tools have a set of specific “Safety Orientation” rules that explain how to avoid hurting yourself or the machine. “Safety Orientation” consists of a review of these rules, and are all that’s required for access. These safety rules don’t explain HOW to use the machine; that training can be given one-on-one or at workshops. These machines are labeled “Safety Orientation Required,” and include:
    • FDM 3D Printers
    • Sewing Machines
    • Embroidery Machine
    • Vinyl Cutters
    • Soldering Irons
  • Training Session Required: These tools can be used by visitors, but only after they have completed a specific training session for those tools. Training sessions may be workshops, or you can arrange for one-on-one training. These tools are labeled “Training Session Required” and include
      • Handibot CNC Router
      • EggBot CNC
      • FormLabs SLA 3D Printer
      • Woodshop tools level 1, 2, and 3
  • Staff Use Only: These tools can only be used by Staff, Volunteers, Maker Neighbors, and Authorized staff/faculty that have gone through the specific training required. They are labeled “Authorized Maker Hub Staff Use Only,” along with a list of specific authorized staff. These tools include:
    • Laser Cutter


The Maker Hub has 6 main workstations:

  1. Woodshop
  2. Electronics
  3. 3D Printing
  4. Laser cutting
  5. Textiles
  6. Print shop / Bookbinding

All workstations are documented in the Tools section of the Maker Hub Website. Please check these sections for

  1. Lists of tools in each workstation
  2. Types of authorization required
  3. If reservation is required
  4. Links to additional resources, videos, and tutorials

At Each Station you will find

  1. “What you need to know” - clearly posted orientation information
  2. Basic Safety Rules
  3. Reshelving bin: "If you don't know where it goes, put it here"
  4. Notepads and pencils
  5. Trash and/or recycling bins
  6. Links to Online resources
  7. Printed Equipment Manuals

Finding Help

Need help learning a tool, moving forward on a project, setting up a workshop, or just finding out about all the opportunities in the Maker Hub? Here are a few ways to get help:

  1. Just drop in during our open hours. There are usually people to talk to who can help you, or find someone who can.
  2. Ask a volunteer to help you “Find a Maker” with a specific skill
  3. The people wearing aprons in the Maker Hub are there to answer questions and help you learn the tools. Don’t hesitate to reach out for help.
  4. Check out the Skills Calendar

More Information Resources

  • The Maker Hub Website:
  • Reservation Calendar
    • Displays all current equipment reservations.
    • Visible on display screens in the Maker Hub.
    • Available on the Maker Hub website
  • Public Events Calendar
    • Displays information about events in the Maker Hub
    • Visible on display screens in the Maker Hub
    • Available on the Maker Hub website
  • The Skill Calendar
    • Shows availability of different kinds of help in the Maker Hub
    • Based on staff schedules and our listing of each staff’s skills
    • Visible on the website and display screens in the Maker Hub