Maker Hub Inventory Locator

This Inventory system tracks every available tool and material in the Maker Hub.

Simply type search terms into the search box below and matches will appear.

Please Note:

  • Location Codes refer to a system we have created in the Maker Hub that assigns a code to every workstation, cabinet, shelf, and bin in the space. A full explanation of this system is at the bottom of this page, here
  • We do our best to keep this system up-to-date, but we may periodically be out of items listed here.
  • Tools listed here may be out for repair.
  • Feel free to use the Maker Hub Chat System to contact a person in the Maker Hub, to see if an item is available.

The Location System Explained:

  • Every workstation, cabinet, shelf, bin, and drawer has a Location Code.
  • They are alternating letters and numbers separated with dots. (eg R.2.D.2 )
  • They might have 1,2, 3, 4 or 5 characters.
  • 1st Letter: The Workstation Code
  • 2nd Number: Cabinets or Tables, left to right
  • 3rd Letter: Shelf, Drawer, or surface, bottom to top
  • 4th Number: Bin or Drawer, left to right, top to bottom
  • Tools will be labeled with their location code. Use the Location code to put them away.
  • Use the Finder app here or in the Maker Hub  to look up an item's location.
  • If you see something that isn’t labeled or in the database, help us add it by telling a Maker Hub volunteer!


Workstation Codes:

  • A - Arts & Crafts
  • B - Button Maker
  • C - Cleaning Cart
  • D - 3D Station
  • E - Electronics
  • H - Welcome Station (Hi!)
  • J - Jukebox
  • K - Sink
  • L - Laser Cutter
  • M - Mobile Cart
  • P - Printshop
  • R - Raspberry Pi
  • S - Storage
  • T - Textiles
  • W - Woodshop
  • V - Vinyl Cutter