The Maker Hub is equipped with a variety of textile machines for working with a wide range of fabrics. These include sewing machines, a serger, and digital embroidery machines. We also have a Dorset Manual Loom, knitting and crocheting supplies, and a LOT of yarn.

Things to keep in mind with textiles

  • You need to receive an orientation from a Volunteer to use the sewing machines, serger, and digital embroidery machines.
  • Remember that sewing machines are delicate machines. Don’t force anything, and if the sound suddenly changes, STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND ASK FOR HELP.
  • Check out our Workshops and Events page for upcoming Introductory Sessions.


The Maker Hub cannot guarantee that any particular materials will be stocked. If you require specific materials for your project, it is recommended you provide those on your own. Please contact the Maker Hub to confirm supplies, or drop by to see what we have available. 


If you need to make a reservation for a sewing machines, serger, or digital embroidery machine, please contact the Maker Hub at makerhub@georgetown.edu or speak to a Volunteer during our open hours.

Cleaning Up

Fabric, thread, and yarn are free for you to use for your projects. However, PLEASE PUT ALL MATERIALS BACK WHEN DONE, IN A NEAT AND TIDY MANNER.

  • Roll up unused yarn.
  • Wind up thread
  • Put fabric back folded up and arranged vertically in the drawers, so that all material is visible.

We also have lots of yarn and tools for knitting and crochet. Ask about our knitting groups and workshops!

See textiles-related LibGuide here