This project was for my first class at Georgetown University - 5005 Introduction To MA Communication, Culture, and Technology.

My keyword for the project was "Anti-National". I chose this keyword because I am concerned with the rise of totalitarian governments across the world and their impact on our information infrastructure. The interactive sculpture was built using a 3D printer, the laser cutter, an Arduino board, ChatGPT, and help from the Maker Hub team. I'm proud of this project because it gave me the opportunity to explore my closeted fine artist. While making this I learned that while there is a community like the Maker Hub, nothing is impossible. The 3D face features a triangular scroll, measuring 5.5" x 3" x 3", nestled on its forehead. Within this scroll lies a series of three questions, each accompanied by annotated news headlines. As a viewer, you unravel these questions.

As a viewer, you can engage on three levels —

- Scroll through the inquiries, absorbing the weight and significance of the associated news headlines.
- Then, take a moment to reflect and respond, pressing either the red or green buttons to convey your perspective and interpretation.
- Alternatively, simply observe the enigmatic avatar, allowing its presence to evoke introspection and contemplation

There are elements in each leve that evoke the unsettling atmosphere of a totalitarian regime. For more information on the project, including links that elaborate on the artist's inspirations and proccupations, check out the Keyword and Avatar webpage.

Archit Mehta, CCT 25
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CCTP-5005: Introduction to CCT: Interdisciplinary Problems and Methods
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