Postcards of Gratitude

I created a set of reflective post cards cards to help students in the LDT program to take a quick moment to slow down and express a little gratitude. We all live busy lives and constantly think about the next thing, our next goal, next assignment, and how to get ahead. Through these postcards, I hope to help others slow down and think about the small things that make our lives a little better every day. If we can slow down and occasionally express our gratitude we can mentally make room - room for new things, room for better things, and room to refocus our attention on the pieces of our lives that truly matter. In expressing some gratitude we can remind ourselves of where we’ve been, who’ve we known, and what we’ve done in order to help propel us in our journeys forwards.

Aaron Joya
Course Title
Creativity and Design, LDES -709
Library Staff
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